Happy Valentines Day! – 6 Quotes on Love to Brighten Up Your Day

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

Captain America and I have some appointments and errands to run this morning, but tonight we’re dressing up and going out to a fun dinner at a local bed and breakfast – they’re running a prix fixe special just for Valentines: 5 courses and wine for $54!  A little expensive but worth the splurge on our first Valentines as a married couple ;)  Afterwards we’re going to catch a showing of Winter’s Tale starring Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, and most importantly – Jessica Brown Findlay from Downton Abbey!! (Which is really the only reason I even want to see it, if I’m being entirely honest…)

Anyways, I’m sending you all lots of love from Oregon, this Friday.  I hope you all have someone special to spend the day with – whether it’s a significant other, a good friend, awesome family, or some cuddly animals!!

Photo Credit: Tyler Knott Gregson

Like Summer Every Day Love

Look What Happens With A Love Like That

In Awe of The Eclipse

Take A Lover Frieda Kahlo

That is The Beginning of Everything Fitzgerald


Do you have any plans for the day?  What are they?  Are you spending time with friends or someone special, or are you flying solo this year?



How to Fall in Love Erin Elizabeth Smith on TheHWL

How to Fall in Love

Quoted: Valentine's Edition

Quoted: Valentine’s Edition

Quoted: Wedding Bells Edition

Quoted: Wedding Bells Edition

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