Thankful Thursday: Fresh Starts

Ohhhhh this week.  It’s been a year.  So even though underneath it all, my life really is lovely and sunny, try as I might, right now I cannot for the life of me come up with the kind of Thankful Thursday post I’d LIKE to write…So instead you guys are going to get reality.

Thankful Thursday: A Son for a Mother

Join us here at The Hand-Written Life every Thursday in November to share what you’re thankful for!
This year I have a lot to be thankful for, but today the big thing on my mind is my son, Jensen…He’s a 2.5 year old ball of energy that never stops moving, or talking – even if I can still only understand about half of what he’s trying to say.

The Things I Won’t Miss

But right now, if I’m being completely honest, there are things I won’t miss.  In the balance of wanting my little to stay little forever, there are times when I find myself aching for him to grow up…just a tiny bit.