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The Hand-Written Life Becomes TheHWL on November 1st!

Don’t forget! In just a few short weeks, The Hand-Written Life will go from being a Wordpress-hosted blog, to a Self-Hosted website at http://www.TheHWL.com!
I’ll be doing one of these “reminder” posts every Friday for the rest of the month, to make sure that everyone gets notified of the switch – and has time to start following the new site so that you won’t miss a beat when one day we’re here…and the next day we’re gone!

Halloween Decorations The HWL

A Spooky Scene – Our Halloween Home

  The Holiday Season always brings out the Martha Stewart in me.  Even though I don’t actually participate in most Halloween activities – except eating candy…of course! – I still love to pull out the plastic tubs of decorations and create Halloween Magic around the house.   When we were first married last year, I…

Sunday Songbird

Sunday Songbird: Evening Tunes

  It was an equally lazy and productive day today in our household – so lazy and productive that I’m only just now getting around to this week’s Sunday Songbird.  But getting around to all of the items on your list on your own procrastinated timeline (with lots of vegging with your feet up in…

31 Movies for October and Halloween 2014 The HWL

31 New Movies for The Month of October!

  Ahhhh my friends.  It is like a breath of fresh air to be back to you today.  Tomorrow, I will explain all about my absence (unfortunately, it was the most difficult blog post I’ve had to write, to date), but today we will be cheerful and look forward to one of my FAVORITE things…

Quotes for Mother's Day The HWL

7 Quotes For A Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! No matter where you are in the stages of Motherhood – whether you’ve had children already, lost a child, or have one on the way – today is your day to feel honored and appreciated. I hope you all have someone in your life to celebrate…