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  • What is The Appropriate Age Range for The Movies You Recommend?

For the most part, I do my best to include a wide variety of options to choose from on each list – some are more adult friendly, and some are family friendly.  This is partially because I, myself, still enjoy a good Disney movie from time to time, and also because growing up, my family bonded by watching movies together, and I know how important that was to us.  I would like to support the idea of families curling up together and watching something that’s friendly for all ages.  Unfortunately, I am a 25-year-old girl, and don’t currently have any children – That is why I don’t make note of which movies are child-appropriate, and which are not.  I feel that until I have kids of my own, and have more practice deciding what is age-appropriate, I’m not in a good position to give that kind of advice.  Until then, I leave it up to you and your discretion!  If you have questions or concerns about age appropriateness, or just want more information on the movies themselves, please note that each item on every list is linked to it’s corresponding entry on imdb.com.

  • How do You Choose Which Blogs to Follow?

There’s just not enough time in a day to do everything I need to do, and read all of the awesome blogs out there.  Therefore, I have to limit how much time I spend in front of my reader each day.  To read my entire Follow Policy click here.  In a nutshell:  I don’t automatically follow people who follow me.  I tend to pick those I can most relate to, or ones that share information that inspires, or helps people grow.  I stay away from blogs with excessive swearing, or lack of punctuation/grammar/proper spelling.

  • How Often do You Respond to Comments?

I try to respond to comments about once a week – sometimes a little more, on rare occasions, a little less.  In general, it’s my goal to get back to each and every comment, though sometimes that just isn’t possible.  I do read every comment, however.

  • What Sorts of Things are Featured in the “What I’m Watching” Series?

Pretty much everything!  I was a cinema studies major before having to leave college due to health issues at the end of my junior year.  I LOVE to watch TV and movies, and there are very few things I draw the line at.  My main interests are mysteries/suspense/dramas and romantic comedies/just plain comedies – but I will pretty much watch anything that’s on.  It’s interesting to me just to see how the piece was put together. The list of things I don’t want to see is always shorter than the list of things I’m interested in.

  • What is the Story Behind the “Why I Don’t Have A Boyfriend” Series?

If you pick up a magazine, or read any form of dating advice, they’ll give you all sorts of tips and tricks on how to get the guy or girl of your dreams.  Personally, I think the only advice you really need, is to be yourself.  Even if yourself is a total nerd, like myself!  So I’m laying it all out there in the hopes that will encourage others to do the same.  As far as where the whole thing actually started?  “Andrea, this is why you don’t have a boyfriend” is a game invented by my friends because I have a tendency to be a HUGE dork and do embarrassing things in public!  You can catch up with all of the reasons I don’t have a boyfriend here – and feel free to share yours!

  • What Kinds of Books are Featured in the Series “What I’m Reading”?

I only write reviews of books that I enjoyed.  For one, I read a lot and that saves some time, for two, I think it’s better to promote good writers and enjoyable stories rather than using the space for books that…well, aren’t really worth it!  The majority of books are probably going to be mysteries, since that’s what I write, and those are the books that most often get passed around between my Mom, Grandma, and myself – but there will definitely be some others mixed in as well!  Check out even more of my book reviews on my GoodReads Review Page here.

  • Do You Write Everything That’s Posted in the Series “The Things I’ve Left Unsaid”?

Yes, these are all things I’ve written, or wished I had the guts to say to someone (unless otherwise noted).  However, they are not all current.  The beauty about writing is that it helps you get out all of those things you’ve just never been able to say to someone, so I often write letters to people that get stuck in a box and never sent.  Sometimes the posts are just a phrase or a comeback that I thought of after it was too late and the conversation had already ended, so it found itself as a note in my iPhone for a few months before being dug back out and posted here.

  • Where Can I Get More Information on Your WordPress Theme?

Right here!: Grisaille Theme Showcase.


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