7 Quotes For A Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

No matter where you are in the stages of Motherhood – whether you’ve had children already, lost a child, or have one on the way – today is your day to feel honored and appreciated. I hope you all have someone in your life to celebrate and acknowledge you on this Sunday!

Quotes for Mother's Day The HWL

A Million Ways To Be A Good Mother Jill Churchill The HWL


Mothers Are Never Alone In Thoughts Sophia Loren


Being A Mother Is Learning Strengths Linda Wooten The HWL


No One Can Take A Mother's Place The HWL


Because She Is A Mother Victor Hugo The HWL


Life Doesn't Come With a Manual Mother The HWL


Mother's Love Fuels Impossible The HWL



3 thoughts on “7 Quotes For A Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Thank you for such wonderful quotes!!! Made my day already!!! And happy mothers day to the mother-to-be!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love your post so much! This amazing collection brought tears to my eyes. I am blessed by my two sons and have dedicated my Mother’s Day posts to them in years past. Love all these quotes but Sophia Loren’s is incredible! Big hugs of gratitude to you for sharing this. xo Gina

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