On Fall and Contentment…and Coffee

Ahhhh Fall…

As I sit here, at 6 in the evening on a rainy and gloomy Friday – in my pajamas, with a Lifetime movie on the television, a cup of homemade espresso in hand, and leftovers from a late breakfast (I guess since I had cold pizza earlier, it technically counts as breakfast for dinner) sitting next to me – I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky. Not only is it my favorite season, but we are also on our way towards celebrating the holidays, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years just right around the corner.  Oh, and to top it all off, I have a handsome new husband to share it all with, in our newly remodeled home.

And did I mention that thanks to our new espresso maker, I can now make myself Pumpkin Spice Lattes WHENEVER I WANT?!?  This could be dangerous…

(Make all the fun in the world you’d like of pumpkin spice lattes and those who drink them, but I happily count myself among the obsessed.  They taste like everything that’s good in life…every holiday you’ve ever enjoyed…crunchy leaves, thick socks, boots, and warm sweaters…fires crackling away in the fireplace…they bring forth in you a nostalgia for life as you’ve never known it, because it’s only ever existed in Leave it To Beaver re-runs – just back off, okay??)

Ahem…Anyways, as I was saying!

There are a lot of things I’m lucky enough to be able to look forward to this Fall – a lot of memories I’m looking forward to making with Captain America as we enjoy our first Autumn together at the Pumpkin Patch, the Haunted Corn Maze, and curled up on the couch watching movies – and a lot of quiet, cozy moments hiding away from the rain and making delicious dinners.

Recently, I stumbled upon this quote that sums it all up pretty perfectly:

Autumn is Contentment At Home

To me, this is the perfect definition of Fall.  And is there any coincidence that the word content (my favorite word) is used to describe the feeling of my favorite season?  I think not!

But the point of it all is that if we are truly finding “contentment at home by paying attention to what we already have,” then in our hearts, we should not  just feel Thankful for one day, but for an entire season.  And we should also feel lucky, because there are millions of people out there who are wishing for a chance at our bad luck – let alone our good stuff.

So even though I have always had a home – and a happy one at that – this year I am feeling extra content and lucky, because this Fall is bringing more gifts with it than usual.  This time – unlike last year, and the year before it, and the year before that – Fall will be not just a time for turning inward, self-reflection, and hibernation, it will also be a time for building something new (a family) out of something we already had (love).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go drink some more Fall out of a cup.

What is your favorite part about the Fall Season?  What’s got you feeling lucky and content?


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Fall Forward!

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3 thoughts on “On Fall and Contentment…and Coffee

  1. Awesome. I should write one of these posts as it’s almost Thanksgiving and now is the time to be grateful for what we have, including a new husband and my sister’s deployment to Afghanistan being cancelled

    Although we have a shitty apartment rather than a remodeled house :)

    Still my husband and I have the love story of lifetime when we got married after 13 years of living on opposite sides of the country and not being in contact for the last 10 years. He got a hold of me out of the blue and said, “I’m coming for you.” Hahaha.

    My favorite thing about fall? I get to wear my sweater vests and vintage Italian boots.

    Thanks for your post.

    My love stories. :)


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