Happy November & The Giveaway Winners!

Happy November everyone!

We’re now entering one of my favorite months, and I’m pretty excited.  Though I’m having a hard hard time believing it’s already almost the end of the year!

But it’s not over yet, and right now it’s time to celebrate November by announcing the winner of the Fall Giveaway Basket

Congratulations to:

M Parrish Room 31

I’ll be contacting you by email to get your address, and your basket will be in the mail to you soon :)

Here was her winning entry:

“My Favourite Thing About Fall”

Students arrive,
shiny new clothes
and some old favorites.

Grunting acknowledgements of
Summer’s demise.
(hint of a smile,
while greeting friends).

Standing at the door,
I missed you, I say.
Ducked heads,
lifted shoulders.

Finding their own spot,
in the classroom
on the playground
with their social media.

I like watching it all,
helping when I can.
So, I welcome (and love)
the new school year,
each Fall.

I love this poem!  It’s so creative, and perfectly captures that feeling of Fall.  I think even though many of us are no longer students, we can’t help but remember those back-to-school days whenever Fall rolls back around again.

To everyone else who entered – this was such a fun first giveaway, and I look forward to doing more with you.  Your entries were all fantastic, and each one reminded me once again why I love Fall.  Thank you!!

What are your plans for this first day in November? Who else thinks “Happy November & The Giveaway Winners” would make a good ‘indie’ band name?


8 thoughts on “Happy November & The Giveaway Winners!

    • It really is a fun poem, isn’t it? :)

      Do you have a particular reason November is one of your favorites? For me, I think it’s because I really enjoy the weather where I live during November. Plus, I love Thanksgiving!

  1. The poem selected is really “Exemplary”. Congratulations to the participant of this poem and he deserves to be the winner of this contest. The November month seems to be of pleasing weather and much pleasing because it denotes the month of Lord Eswara since i belong to India. (Karteeka Month in Hindu terminology).
    Really a pleasing contest and your views in choosing the poem as winning in the contest is worth prized and my congratulations to the author of the poem for giving us such informative one ever remembering.

  2. Love the poem! November 1st is a tough day for me as it’s All Saints Day and my recently deceased Dad’s birthday…just another one of the firsts to get through this year…but if you’d asked about October 1st or December 1st, I’d have said Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit White Rabbit…ever heard of that?

    • I’m sorry for your loss! I understand, I lost a friend a little over a year ago, and his birthday has been a difficult day since then.

      But yes! You’ve got to say rabbit rabbit, white rabbit – it’s good luck! :) I love those little traditions.

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