In Case You Need Some Inspiration

Matt Woodrum is an 11 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy.  Although he was given the option to sit out during his school’s Field Day, he chose to compete in the 400-meter race.  Despite his disability he completed the two laps around the track in under 5 minutes, and in the process inspired not just his classmates, but everyone else who has been touched by his story.

As Matt tires partway through, his gym teacher joins his side to encourage the 5th grader to continue.  Inspired by his strength, fellow classmates begin to jog behind him with cheers – even abandoning their own activities to be there with him as he crosses the finish line. The best part of the entire thing?  No one knew it was being filmed, besides the boy’s mom who was behind the camera!

Stories like this warm my heart – children can be wonderful reminders of how, when we stop focusing on self, we discover our natural instincts are actually to love and support each other.


47 thoughts on “In Case You Need Some Inspiration

    • It really does, and sometimes in the most unexpected places! I’m so glad it touched you, I’m sorry for making you cry so much though! It’s nearly impossible to watch without sobbing, I should have put some sort of warning in the post :)

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  2. Oh that is a most wonderful story! I choked up! What a strong person he is and how lovely to see that we as human beings can support others. Thanks for sharing this and reinstating my faith in mankind.

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  4. What a wonderful share, a true inspiration to anyone feeling they are down and out… the tenacity of the lad is heart rendering… and I would award him the saying that he “Laughs in the face of adversity” and to him go the honours of showing the world what can be done if you want to… lovely share… thank you…

    • I couldn’t have said it better! How very true, if he tackles the rest of the challenges in life with the same tenacity he faced this race with, he will go quite far in life. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the comment!

  5. Thanks Andrea for sharing that wonderful story. It is very encouraging. When we are going through a rough patch, reading about others who have been successful with even less to work with, is inspiring indeed.

    • I forgot to add, while watching I had a movie on in the background and it was at that point where the music was climatic and it took me a while to realize it was the movie and not this clip!! Perfect timing for such a heroic little guy. Those children are our future – praise God!

      • :) I love that it lined up like that, what a perfect little moment.

        It really is such an inspiration to see children full of such kindness and love! Blessings to you!

  6. When there is so much animus and lack of civility, it’s refreshing and heartening to see this!! This man has done a wonderful job with these children, as have their parents. And way to go, Matt!!

    • Very well put, there is so much talk of bullying in schools etc, it’s lovely to see positive reminders as well! They said the coach has been working with kids for 25 years – I can only imagine how many kids he helped and lives he touched. Truly the kind of person we need working with our youth!

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