Inspire Your Day – A Brother’s Letter to Santa

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For children, the tradition of sitting down to write a letter to Santa each Christmas is an important one.  I remember doing it myself, when I was little – and one year Santa even wrote back!! (I’m an adult now, and my mom still swears she has no idea where it came from).  I mean, Santa is a big deal – he knows when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, and if you’re a good boy or girl he’ll leave you presents…but if not, watch out for that lump of coal!

For centuries, Santa Clause has been one of the great excitements of a child’s Christmas; and to this day, the threat of staying up too late (and therefore getting skipped by Santa all together,) is one of the only ways to trick kids into overriding their excitement and going to bed at a decent hour on Christmas Eve.

This year, single mother Karen Suffern asked her 8-year-old twins to sit down a little earlier than normal to write their letters, so that she could get a jump start on her holiday shopping, and spread out the expenses.  Expecting their lists to include the latest toys and games – like many kids their age – you can imagine Karen’s surprise when she opened up her son Ryan’s letter to Santa to discover that he hadn’t asked for anything for himself at all.

Instead, 8-year-old Ryan Suffern wrote to Santa Clause and asked if he could stop the kids at school from bullying his twin sister.

“Dear Santa, I wanted a remote control car and helicopter, but I don’t want that any more.  Kids at school are still picking on Amber.  I pray that they will stop, but god is busy, and he needs your help.”

And to make up for all the teasing she had suffered at the hands of her classmates, Ryan asked for something else as well – the opportunity for his sister Amber to meet her favorite band, Big Time Rush.

“Can you ask Big Time Rush to come to Amber’s B-day party, It will make her so happy. If you can’t get them to come … just get her everything she ask for.”

When Karen opened the letter, she says her heart stopped, “Amber was like, yeah, they pick on me, I feel like I want to die so they leave me alone.”  Luckily, this is one little girl with an amazing brother on her side; and when word spread about the letter after Karen shared it with close family and friends on her facebook page, one of the young girl’s wildest dreams was able to come true.


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Amber, and the entire Suffern family got to meet, take pictures with, and enjoy a private concert just for them, performed by none other than Big Time Rush.  Although it didn’t solve all of their problems, it was proof to one family that they had a community behind them; and proof to one little girl that no matter what the kids at school may say – she is beautiful, and loved beyond measure!

And even better news?  The bullying incident finally caught the attention of the school administrators, which is leading to a change in Rocky Mountain Preparatory School for all of the students, not just the Sufferns.

The road to growing up is always a rough one – no matter who you are – but for some kids, the struggles can feel almost insurmountable.  Sometimes, all it takes is one person to recognize the pain and reach out; and sometimes that can change everything.  I absolutely love this story because not only does it give me hope for our future generations, but also because it demonstrates such selflessness.  I think it’s easy for us to look around and think that kids these days are spoiled and selfish, but this was Ryan Suffern’s one opportunity to dream as big as he wanted, and he dreamt of a better life for someone else.  The fact that he could do it without batting an eye, is amazing.

Check out the entire story behind Amber, Ryan and Karen Suffern in the video below:


2 thoughts on “Inspire Your Day – A Brother’s Letter to Santa

    • Could it be…a tear? If so, you’re definitely not alone! ;) And I know what you mean, for some reason stories like this, of kids exhibiting such great acts of kindness and such, really get to me…if only everyone had someone looking out for them like this!

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