Wednesday Morning Inspiration

Although Christmas is officially over, I’m just not ready for the warm fuzzy feelings of happiness and love to go away quite yet!

So I thought I would hold onto it for as long as possible by sharing an inspirational story with you all on this Wednesday morning…

Chy Johnson is a 16 year old student with microcephaly – a birth defect that causes her brain to work at only a 3rd grade level.  A happy and loving girl, her family watched in pain as the sophomore in high school came home in tears – the victim of vicious classmates who called her names, and even threw trash at her.  After approaching teachers and administrators about the problem to no avail, Chy’s mom took things into her own hands and contacted the son of a family friend.  Though she asked Carson Jones, a senior on the school’s football team, only for the name of the bullies – Jones did her one better.

He went over to Chy’s lonely table at lunchtime, and invited her to sit with the team.

Now Johnson – the “lucky girl” – and “her boys” are an every day sight around campus.  And instead of being bullied, Chy has become a popular and accepted member of the student body – she even stands in the middle of the football teams’ huddles with them before their games!

But what’s going to happen to Chy when her boys graduate at the end of the school year? Don’t worry, announces Carson Jones’ little brother Curtis, “I got this.”

Read more about Chy’s Story: Special Team by Rick Reilly on


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Inspiration

  1. I saw this story on the news when it first appeared (maybe about a month ago?) It was so awesome. I loved it! It was truly inspiring and I was so glad that these guys stood up for her. I hate bullying. That was my hot button issue when I was a teacher in the classroom, but I always put a stop to it. Great reminder to everybody. Hope you had a great holiday :)

    • It’s amazing to me that there are adults out there who don’t respond to those situations! I’m sure you made a difference for children in ways you aren’t even aware of when you stood against it in your room.

      And it really is good to know that there are kids that stand up for those who are bullied as well. It’s hard sometimes when you hear so many stories of negativity! I’m glad you found it as inspirational and heart warming as I did :)

      I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!!

  2. Great story! Bullying obviously remains a hot issue, and I think sometimes teachers either don’t know what to do about it, can’t, won’t, or maybe are oblivious. I admit that I made mistakes from time to time knowing how to deal with bullying. When I was teaching, the worst time for kids was out on the playground when teachers had a break themselves. If we all did our best to make sure that everyone feels respected wherever we are, we might not suffer the losses like we had in the Newtown tragedy. WE can’t prevent every tragedy, hatred and violence are personal choices, but we can monitor ourselves and take a lesson from this story to find a way to turn people away from bullying by making the bullied the object of envy! I love it!! :) Marsha Thanks for sharing! I’m going to reblog this today. :)

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