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“Major Crimes”

It’s almost that time of year where the new fall line-up hits, and we’re flooded with all sorts of television choices.  Most of these choices definitely fall into the category of “entertainment,” if nothing else.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as I’ll be the first one to admit to sitting down and marathoning a mindless show until I can start to feel my brain ooze out of my ears.  During my college years, I was a film major, and there’s something about cinema/television that gets in your blood.  Yes, I’ll watch just about anything – “quality” programming, or not.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate good TV as well.  More and more it seems, you have to head to cable for that, though.  One channel that never disappoints me is TNT.  They really do know drama.  And they’re not afraid to share it with the rest of us.

I just recently caught up with the series finale of The Closer, and I have to say, I was a little disappointed.  They had a whole season to get ready for the end, and yet the end still just…ended.  I kept waiting for the moment where they would tie things together, and it just never came.  Understandably, because the show’s spin off came right on the heels of the ending, it makes sense that they would want to leave some room for the cross-over  characters to grow. But even still, I felt like for a character who was prided on her ability to “Close” things, there would have been a bit more closure for Brenda Leigh Johnson (played by Kyra Sedgwick).

But I digress.  Well, only a little, since I’m now settling into watching Major Crimes, the follow-up show to The Closer.

So far, I am really enjoying this show!  I don’t want to give anything away to anyone who might not have finished the last season of TC or started MC yet, but the way they tied the shows together through one of Brenda’s final cases, and managed to work that into/shift the focus over to Captain Raydor’s plot line, was almost seamless. The fact that most of our favorite characters stayed, such as Lieutenants Flynn and Provinza is another plus, (although does anyone else miss Sergeant Gabriel?).  Really, the  show is so similar, it barely feels like The Closer is off the air, Major Crimes so easily fills its space.

The only sticking point for me, really, is the fact that although Brenda Leigh Johnson is no longer working for the LAPD, her fiance Fritz still is?  I don’t know why this should confuse me – in real life just because one partner in a relationship changes jobs, doesn’t mean the other one is obligated to do so also…Maybe it’s just me, but it always felt like Fritz’s character was brought onto the show via Brenda’s character – i.e., it was important for her to have some sort of romantic interest on the show, and it makes more sense to work him into the plot in bigger ways rather than have to hire another actor to be an FBI liaison.  So now that Brenda’s out of the picture, every time Fritz walks on the screen my brain gets confused and goes, “Wait a minute, what are you doing here??” It probably doesn’t help that the shows are so alike and there have been numerous references to The Chief, with no on-screen appearance (I did read in this article that we may have a guest star to look forward to, however).

Oh, and the other problem I see?  Because of the connections, Major Crimes is not a show that can stand on its own – you really need to start with the very beginning of The Closer and work your way through, in order to fully appreciate it (kind of like with this review!).  That shouldn’t be a real problem, of course, since The Closer was such a hit, I don’t think TNT needs to worry about gaining viewers as long as they manage to keep the old ones.

Major Crimes airs on TNT – Monday nights, 9/8c.

Were you a fan of The Closer?  Are you watching Major Crimes?  What are your thoughts?


12 thoughts on “What I’m Watching

    • I do a lot of working from home, so I tend to just put seasons of a show on and watch it all the way through! (There’s a good bit of reading and listening to music, and you know, living life, mixed in there too, of course :P) It can definitely be a nice way to relax and let go of some stress, I find that the news, though interesting, doesn’t quite relax me ;)

  1. Hi! Another college film/television major here (theatre in high school)! Also, another fan of The Closer, and I’m liking Major Crimes very much so far (I’ve always liked Mary McDonnell).

    I didn’t have any major problems with the series finale, although I can see your point. I wonder if it was intentional; sometimes things do just… end. Totally agree on how seamless it was; that was nicely done. I even like the Provenza mini-arc; will he or won’t he!

    With regard to Brenda (she married Fritz a while back, by the way), I’m figuring she’s back home dealing with that situation (no spoilers!). Meanwhile, Fritz has to remain on the job. I do wonder if we’ll see Sedgwick in guest appearances from time to time.

    BTW: you might appreciate my TV Tuesday series of posts. The last one in the series, House of LEO, gets into The Closer and Major Crimes a bit.

    In any event, nice to meet another Comm Arts major!

    • I’m really glad to hear that people are enjoying Major Crimes, as well. Also, I think you’re right, sometimes things do just end – in the article I linked at the end of the post (about the possibility of Sedgwick guest starring) they did mention they had the luxury of getting to end it how they wanted, so it sounds like it was intentional.

      It’s always nice to get the thoughts of someone else who shares the same interest/major – I will definitely have to check out your posts, they sound right up my alley!

      Thanks for the comment! :)

  2. I feel ya on this one. I definitely thought Brenda Leigh Johnson had some more closing to do. I was surprised that she left. But I was glad that they caught that crazy, serial, rapist dude that constantly escaped them. But I am watching Major Crimes out of loyalty. Provenza and Flynn crack me up. And yes, yes what’s up with Fritz still working and Sgt. Gabriel not. But you are right you’d have to start with The Closer to fully appreciate the show. TNT you’re right, it never disappoints. Drama. Yes drama. However I love AMC and USA . They are my go to channels.

    • Oh me too! If they hadn’t cleared that up I would have been pretty upset. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt like it was a bit quick, though. I think the longer I watch Major Crimes the more I’ll get used to the changes :)
      AMC and USA are great as well, I’m a big fan of Psych and loved Monk while it was on. I’ve watched the first seasons of Walking Dead and Mad Men and really enjoyed them, but I need to catch up!

      • Mad Men is AWESOME. I don’t answer the phone, the kids go to sleep early that night and I’m fully engaged in Don Draper madness. I also watch Breaking Bad. Monk was a good show. I liked Tony Shaloub and Psych is pretty funny. Glad to know we’re TV kindred spirits.

  3. Oh my goodness…I loved The Closer and was disappointed to hear that it was ending, and so surprised to hear that Major Crimes was following in it’s footsteps. I miss Brenda’s character and you are right about seeing Fritz, I just hadn’t put my finger on it till I read what you wrote. Fun to know another fan :)

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