Why I Don’t Have A Boyfriend (Pt. 2)

Check out the first installment here.

I’m pretty sure we all have “reasons why we’re single” (or why we should be!).  Even on paper, nobody’s perfect. But that’s why you love me – right??

I do A LOT of crossword puzzles.

This weekend was a three-day weekend in honor of Labor Day, in the US. And so, like any 25 year-old American Gal, I celebrated by…working on my puzzles and watching Dirty Dancing 3 times in a row before switching to a marathon of The Closer?

With my cat.

This is why I’m single.

And because I really just needed an excuse to quote this show again:

“What am I supposed to do?  Stay home?  Alone?  Buy cats on the internet?”

Well, not exactly.  But close.

However, this is far from a complaint.  As anyone who’s seen Dirty Dancing knows, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” – which, in this post, means: Don’t be afraid to let your inner dork out to enjoy the spotlight :)


9 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Have A Boyfriend (Pt. 2)

  1. At 25 you have plenty of time to enjoy your youth and discover the world. Enjoy it to the max and don’t worry about boyfriends!! As I understand it, women find men over 30 a lot more interesting and worthy. I know I was a far better person in my 30s than in my 20s and even better in my 40s. Now that I’m beyond the double-nickel, I’m like a really excellent (if somewhat dusty and forgotten) bottle of fine wine! ;-)

    Seriously, it gets better. Intelligence, charm, texture, depth… they all take time to bake.

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