So…Yeah…and Stuff…

Well folks, I seem to have hit a wall.

My brain just doesn’t want to work anymore!

Do I have ideas and outlines for posts, and books?


Do I have the inspiration to write anything?


So I’m sorry if things seem a little “off” around here lately, or if my posts have been lazy or boring.  I have been using this blog as practice, and to have a place to work on my writing every day – I really don’t want to lose momentum, and have been hoping that inspiration will strike. – but so far…no luck!

Instead, here’s another random, blah post, and I suppose if I still have nothing to say tomorrow, I might just have to take a break.

How do you get past a writing dry spell?


27 thoughts on “So…Yeah…and Stuff…

  1. This will pass…I consider it part of summer’s ennui…we all lose it from time to time..Take a walk, forget the ‘shoulds’..let it go and then return – even if it’s only for an afternoon…

  2. I am so where you are right now. I am considering taking a break myself. It’s been a rough summer for me creatively. My art is sufferring as well. If you take a break, I understand and know that I will miss your posts.

    • It has been a rough summer! I’m glad it’s not just me experiencing it, maybe there’s something in the air :) I have decided not to take a total break, but I think I’m not going to be as hard on myself about writing every day if I’m just not feeling it.

  3. I have a friend and fellow blogger who says just start writing, even if at first you’re writing about not being able to write. Write. Trust the process. Later you can delete all the stuff about not being able to write and your left with the writing that you needed.

  4. I also use the blog as as a platform on which to write every day and to vomit my blah thoughts before getting to the real writing.

    Just keeping writing random, blah posts. You’ll hit on something eventually.

    • I sure hope so! It’s good to know that other people do the same though, especially because I never feel like I’m just reading something blah when I’m reading your posts – I always enjoy them! So hopefully that means someone out there will find something worthwhile in mine as well :)

  5. You should feel free to take a break if that is what you need.You will probably come back refreshed and full of inspiration. I sometimes need some space and time away to get inspired. It deefinitely happens to all of us. Hang in there!

  6. We all feel the same about our writing, but the blogging community is so supportive, and friendly, and we all share your pain. A break is good (as long as it’s not too long) and you come back feeling refreshed and raring to go. Once blogging becomes a chore it’s not good.
    Keep writing for fun and don’t give up. :)

    • It really is – I have been so amazed at how much of a community there really is here! It’s been a great experience getting to know you all, and I do so appreciate all of the support I’ve found. I agree, you never want a hobby to feel like a chore – I’ve definitely decided to put a little less pressure on myself about doing it every day, if I’m just not feeling it! :)

    • I am quite envious!! Although I can agree with you about having too much going on to ever really run out of topics, dry spells still hit me occasionally. I just seem to get in ruts where I lack the creative juices needed to tackle writing about them sometimes, I guess!

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