Your Monday Inspiration – Profound Ideas from Unexpected Locations

These days, most people don’t expect to have their views changed from watching a Late Night Talk Show – indeed, viewers usually tune in for easy laughs at the end of the day.  Something they don’t really have to think about after thinking or working too hard for too many hours in a row.  It’s the ultimate form of television relaxation.

But every once in a while, an episode or a skit comes along that’s truly profound.  Amidst all of the mind-numbing puns and political jabs occasionally there lies a true gem that exemplifies the brilliant way that comedy can actually be used to not just entertain, but also to educate and promote positive change…And this is one of those times.

Check out this video clip from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on consumerism, the deification of youth, and “Why Everything Sucks,” and tell me what you think – is he right, or not?

I hope you all are having a fabulous Monday!  Captain America and I have a pork roast on the grill for perhaps the last time this year, and are settling in for an evening of unpacking boxes and homework – it’s Monday in our little corner of the world, all right! ;)

What do you think we as a culture can do to change this trend?  Or do you think by calling attention to it, and bringing it into the light, people will naturally start to shy away from it?


Inspirational Monday - Tim's Place

Inspirational Monday – Tim’s Place

Wild Geese - An Inspirational Monday

Wild Geese – An Inspirational Monday

Quoted: Quotes in Unexpected Locations

Quoted: Quotes in Unexpected Locations

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