And I’m Back!

Whew!  There really is nothing like a break to get your creative juices flowing again :) I just want to say thank you to everyone who posted such nice comments on my last post when I was trying to decide whether to take some time away from blogging or not.  I know I only took a few days – but still, it was great to know I had some support while I was gone.

I also decided, thanks to you guys, that I needed to stop worrying so much about posting every day.  As many of you pointed out – sometimes that kind of pressure can turn it into a chore and that is never good!  So, while I’m still going to try to post regularly, it might not be as regularly as it has been in the past.

Anyways, I tried to make the most of my time off – and worked a little bit on the site for my books “The Adventures of Baseball and Zooey”.  I livened up the banner a little bit, and updated the page for “Zooey The AcroCat”.  I also added a page to the shop, so you can pre-order your copy of Zooey The AcroCat today!

My kitchen also got cleaned – yay! – and I went back and forth between marathons of The Olympics and Midsomer Murders.

I also met up with an old friend for brunch, went on a walk, and more importantly – discovered that Boy George is still a musical influence to some people:

Perhaps the most exciting thing that happened on my break from blogging, however, was the arrival of my slap bracelet from GoJulesGo!

In honor of the design (her old blog name) I plan on wearing it whenever I’m up to no good…

Heck Yeah!

Zooey Digs the Slap-Bracelet

As you can see, it’s on my wrist right now – better watch out! ;)

So, what did I miss with you guys??

12 thoughts on “And I’m Back!

    • Haha you caught me! I couldn’t help myself – I had to do a little something :) Glad to hear things are going well with you, keep enjoying the summer while it’s still here!

  1. Alright, first things first…Midsomer and The Olympics,,,two GREAT reasons for taking a break!!! Secondly, think you’ve been warped back to the eighties somehow…who is Boy George? :) He’s a DJ now from memory…

    Welcome back Andrea…didn’t realise you’d taken a break…cos’ I’ve been doing the same thing too :) Hope you’re well…see you around!

    • Well, I was wearing an 80s style pair of neon pink and black mirrored sunglasses…they must have time travel function! :)

      It’s so true, I’m going to be bummed when The Olympics are over, but at least there will still be Midsomer…

      And thank you! As someone mentioned in a comment in another post – it definitely seems like it’s part of “summer’s ennui” – you and I were not the only ones to take a break, either. :) I hope yours is as enjoyable and rejuvenating as mine was!

    • Yes, I realized that as I sat there and thought of it, many of the blogs I follow and enjoy (like yours!!) don’t update every single day and yet I still follow them, so I need to allow myself the same freedom! :)

      • I don’t always have time to read and I save you posts but I must confess I don’t always get back to it. A few less posts, for me anyway, would equall a higher read percentage but if you enjoy writing everyday, don’t stop.

  2. Welcome back! I couldn’t agree more with needing those breaks to get the creative juices flowing.

    And I see you truly ‘get’ the slap bracelet and its ultimate purpose in life. I daresay it turns ‘no good’ into ‘oh so good’… ;)

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