The Things I’ve Left Unsaid

If all the life’s a stage, then where the hell is my understudy?

Mother Theresa Trust


4 thoughts on “The Things I’ve Left Unsaid

  1. [whispers from the wings] pssssst… it’s too late for the understudy! You’re already on stage!! Try to remember your lines and don’t trip over your costume (we didn’t finish doing the hem before the curtain went up).

  2. HA! I had never heard these quotes before, but they are great. And can I tell you how awesome that Mother Theresa quote is OH MY GOD! I love it! That quote made my morning, because every time someone tells me that I have no great comeback other than a long sigh….but this … this is great my friend LOVE IT! Thanks for posting it. I think I just might steal it from you :)

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