Pssst…Wanna Know A Secret? A Bombshell, and The 3 Big Reasons I’ve Been a Slacker Lately


Update 2014 THE HWL


In order to FULLY explain to you all where I’ve been the past few months, well, I’d have to write two months worth of blog posts…So instead of inundating you all with the every day details of life that I find so very fascinating (because I’m living them!), I’ve decided to spare you and write a quick “wrap-up” post to catch up and get current – it may sound silly, but you readers feel like friends, and it feels a bit strange just to drop off the edge of the earth without at least a little explanation!  But then I promise – time to move on to the real purpose of this blog, which although personal, isn’t a personal diary ;)

That being said…here’s a peek into the last few months of life around here – it’s been a pretty exciting time in our lives!


Honeymoon Collage THE HWL


1.  The original reason for my disappearance was this: Captain America and I FINALLY went on our Honeymoon!  That’s right, after 6 months we finally got it scheduled, and the first two weeks of March were spent driving down the California Coast line enjoying the sites and the towns a long the way.  Ferndale, San Francisco, Monterey, Mendocino, Santa Barbara, Hollywood, Marina del Rey, and finally to Sacramento where we stopped by and met up with some of his family (including his 102 year old great-grandmother!!) and my family (where got to meet my best friend’s 3 day old baby daughter!  Squeeee!). Originally I planned on sharing all the details of our trip with you – much like I did when we went on our last road trip – but so much has happened since we’ve been back, I just never got around to it!


Holmes Wedding Lewis and Clark Catering Company Eugene OR THEHWL

2.  Then, as soon as we got back from our honeymoon, it was time to jump straight into more wedding preparations, because my OTHER best friend just got married!  Congratulations Mrs. Holmes!!!  It was an absolutely beautiful day – the best day of the year up to that point – and I couldn’t be happier to have had the opportunity to share the day with her, her new husband, and both of their happy families!!

3.  And now for the bombshell, and the No. 1 reason I disappeared for so long!  Ready??  Scroll down to find out!!

Question Marks
Baby Announcement Collage THE HWL

That’s right! Just a few days after my best friend’s wedding, and a week after we returned from our honeymoon, Captain America and I found out that we’re going to have a baby! It came as a total shock to us both, since we weren’t planning on planning for children for at least another year – but we absolutely couldn’t be happier about this little surprise!

Unfortunately, along with this little blessing, I have also been “blessed” with the most excruciating “morning” sickness in the entire world, which has left me basically immobile on the couch for the past month, sucking on ice cubes. I say “morning” sickness in quotations, because it’s not relegated to the morning at all, in fact, it’s an all day punishment that never lets up. Luckily my husband is awesome and has been taking fantastic care of me.  However, looking at the computer screen makes it much, much worse – which is the main reason for my long absence.  Well, that and the fact that ever since we found out, I’ve had nothing but baby on the brain and I haven’t even been able to think of writing about anything else – so I kinda had to wait to write anything at all until we were ready to make the formal announcement!

*      *      *

So there you have it folks!  It’s been quite a busy few months in this little corner of the world, and in about 6 more months it’s about to get a whole lot busier!

I can’t wait for all that life is about to bring our way; and with it, the inspiration that all of love and happiness (okay, and the bad days and the tears) will provide me!

It really is a wonderful life!


14 thoughts on “Pssst…Wanna Know A Secret? A Bombshell, and The 3 Big Reasons I’ve Been a Slacker Lately

    • Thank you for all of your kind comments, Russ! We are nearing the end of the first trimester, so fingers crossed the nausea will ease up and I’ll get some of my energy back for a few months! And I’m probably a little biased…but I have a feeling our baby is gonna be pretty darn wonderful! ;)

    • Thank you thank you thank you! It has definitely been a whirlwind – it’s crazy to think about how much has changed since the last time I was posting regularly! But they are definitely very happy changes and I am looking forward to them :)

  1. Congratulations on your blessing! I do hope you start to feel better soon and before you know it you will be surprised with your renewed energy!!

    • Thank you so much! I have heard the 2nd trimester can be the “babymoon” where moms start to feel that pregnancy glow and start to get their energy back! I am hoping that’s true for us as well!

  2. HOORAY!! How wonderful! Congratulations to you and your hubby on this exciting development in your lives. And as a mom of two my fingers are crossed for you to be as lucky as me (and a majority of us) who watch that awful ‘morning’ sickness vanish at a certain point in the pregnancy. Often after the first trimester, so good luck dear! And keep Premium Plus crackers in the house. I remember if I nibbled on them first thing upon waking it helped a bit. Oops, I went all mother hen on you. Back to happy hugs of congrats to you! Yay! xo Gina

  3. Congratulations! Life sure happens fast doesn’t it? Ginger Ale was my friend way back when I was pregnant with my kids. I didn’t even like the stuff but it sure helped. Hopefully it will calm down some soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

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