A Joy That Transcends Time

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Mimi at Waiting For The Karma Truck just has that way about her.  You know the way – she just immediately makes you feel comfortable the second you walk in the door.

Of course, I’ve never actually been to her house, so I don’t really know that…But I imagine if you did, you would be offered some coffee or tea, and invited to sit and chat awhile.  And when you left, you would do so feeling about 10 times more relaxed and with a boost of self-confidence, too.  Her writing just makes you feel good – about life, about the world, about people, about the fact that even if you don’t feel good at that very moment, it’s okay because even people who seem to have it all together still have bad days sometimes.  She is human, and therefore imperfect like the rest of us – and I admire Mimi for the way she embraces the wholeness of life – the good and the bad, the funny and the sad – as well as for the poingnant way she manages to capture it all with her pen (or her computer keys).

Wedding Countdown 2 days

What to tell Andrea and Captain Wonderful on this most magical day in their lives?  I suppose the obvious first – cherish this moment, emblazon it in your mind.  It is part of this history that defines you as a couple, that reinforces the ‘rightness’ of you in your togetherness, a place for you to visit together when the goodwill reserve seems a little low (what can I say?  It happens).

When Andy and I got married, the rabbi quoted one of my comments during our pre-wedding meetings – “this is like a slumber party with my best friend”.  It’s a great line; I don’t think it’s mine.  And I wish I could tell you that every night has been one big party, with pillow fights and great music, gabbing and gossiping, great sex and fifty shade of wonderful.  It hasn’t been.  Life gets in the way.  The blessing of love is that it can endure so much and still celebrate the smallest of miracles;  it can offer comfort and surprise you.  It deserves your shared care and attention – and your respect.  Remember that people are funny, and any institution with a predicate that two people live under the same roof has to have some pretty silly moments.  Enjoy them.  Take your vows seriously, but yourselves lightly.

Enjoy your life together, show your best friend the best part of who you are.  And may morning break with the promise of deeper love, greater happiness and a joy that transcends time.

For more of Mimi’s “Thoughts on work and life and everything in between” join her at Waiting for The Karma Truck – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and dare I say it? – you might even learn a thing or two!


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Eat, Drink, & Be Married: Wedding Day Giveaway!

Drink, & Be Married: Wedding Day Giveaway!


4 thoughts on “A Joy That Transcends Time

  1. With my love and heartfelt congratulations to you both – and a wish for a lifetime of moments as special and memorable as I know your wedding day will be…oxox, m

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