Thankful Thursday – Home is Where The Heart Is

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first Thankful Thursday post!  Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in the states, I plan on celebrating by writing a post each Thursday centered around something I’m Thankful for this year – and I’d love for you to join the conversation.  Leave a comment below letting me know what you’re Thankful for, and be sure to join me here next week as we countdown to Thanksgiving!

Thankful Thursday Buncee

This year I am thankful for our house.  And more than that – I am thankful for our opportunity to turn it into a home.  To begin with, we were very lucky to be able to get married and live straightaway in a house that we own.  And on top of that we were given the opportunity to turn it into someplace that’s not only clean and healthy, but also beautiful and comfortable, by replacing the old flooring and turning the basement into a useable space.

To be honest, I still don’t quite have that “home” feeling yet – but that’s because I still don’t even have all of my furniture moved in!  I can, however, tell it will be something that grows over time; already I experience a sense of contentment every morning when I wake up in the fog and the cold and walk downstairs to turn the heat up, knowing that this is my home, and that I am blessed to live in this place with my husband and our furry children.

I am thankful that our home is in a safe neighborhood (even if it doesn’t get any trick-or-treaters) unlike my last neighborhood, where all manner of calamities ensued at all hours of the day and night – and a car even drove through my house.  I’m even more thankful that our neighbors aren’t crazy, even if one of their cars did catch on fire in the middle of the street last weekend.

I’m thankful that Captain America and I have space to be together and to start our life together – but I’m equally as grateful that we have space enough to be apart when we need to be (he has an office and I have a craft room).  I’m glad to know that all five of our animals have space to run and play and be happy, themselves.  On rainy days, I’m thankful to be able to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book or movie in our family room, and on sunny days I’m thankful for the shady trees and smell of pine needles as we bbq on the back deck.

As small as some and as trivial as some of these things seem, and as easy as it is to take these daily gifts for granted, it’s still important that I stop for a minute every now and then and think about how truly lucky I am to be experiencing them.  We have something that many people don’t, and I’m not talking about just a nice place to keep our stuff.  I’m talking about a comfortable bed and a warm place to sleep each night, next to the person we love (and a couple of cats…and a dog).  A shelter from the storm – whether it’s an actual rainstorm or just a really shitty day.  A place to call our own, and for our family and our love to grow for years to come.

So today I am not just thankful for a house, and all of the wood and beams and hard work that went into building it – today I am thankful that this house is the place I am lucky enough to call home.

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

The House in Spring 2011

The House – Spring 2011



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6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Home is Where The Heart Is

  1. You have a lovely home! We have a little house and as our children grow up and prepare to move out, I’m so thankful for our cozy little home that’s easy to keep clean, all on one level and just right to rock out aging in!

    • Thank you so much :) Your house sounds charming as well – so many people have to move out of the houses they raised their children in as they get older, how awesome that you all have the opportunity to stay where all of the memories are! I’m definitely a bit jealous of people with one-story places, several flights of stairs sure makes doing laundry a bear!

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