Featured Blogger: Russ Towne


Russ Towne is one of my absolute favorite bloggers to work with, and I have had the pleasure of doing so on several different occasions.  Learn more about him, here!


A Grateful Man – “Reflections of a grateful man about the adventures and mis-adventures of living, loving, and learning.”
A Grateful Man’s Poetry “May you find truth and kindness in my poetry, and may it remind you of the goodness and greatness within you and others.”
Clyde and Friends “Adventures and Misadventures in Writing Children’s Stories and Self-Publishing Children’s Books.”
Rusty Bear “Adventures and Misadventures in Writing Song Lyrics, Poetry, Childrens Stories, and Non-Fiction.”

Collection of posts that Russ has contributed to The Hand-Written Life:
(In order of appearance on the site: earliest to latest)

1.  Ever Since: A Poem
2.  The Keys to Marital Happiness: A Wedding Week Guest Post
3.  How Saying “I Do” Changed My Life: A Wedding Week Guest Post
4.  Blowing The Dust Away: A Wedding Week Guest Post


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