“The Curse of Oak Island” – Television’s Most Intriguing Mystery


I am so so SO excited, because on November 4th, one of mine and Captain America’s favorite television shows is returning for a second season!

We discovered it by accident last year, while browsing the OnDemand menu, looking for something good to watch.  I’m always a sucker for anything in the mystery or drama genres, and the title “The Curse of Oak Island” certainly looked like both to me!

Suffice it to say we were a little thrown-off and surprised when we realized it was a “reality show” on the History Channel.  For about three seconds we considered switching it off, but after the first few minutes we were both totally hooked.  It really is the most intriguing mystery on television, and it’s TRUE, which makes it even better.


Curse of Oak Island History Channel

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Apparently, it all started in the 1700s, when a young man stumbled upon a strange depression in the ground on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Curiosity peaked, he grabbed a few friends, and together they began to dig – soon they discovered flagstones with strange markings buried beneath layers of dirt and logs.  They continued digging and realized theses layers were placed approximately every 10ft.  They gave up after excavating about 30 feet, but the mystery was officially unearthed.

Over the years, companies, investors, and even private citizens were sucked into the secrets behind what was quickly dubbed “The Money Pit”.  Indeed, no matter how much money or work was thrown at the pit, no one seemed able to make heads or tails of it’s origins or purpose.

Layers of clay, wood, charcoal, and coconut fiber (which is not indigenous to the area) continued to turn up during the digs, however, and according to one of the earliest written recordings a large stone with mysterious markings appeared at 80ft below the surface.  At some point, researchers attempted to de-code the symbols, coming up with the translation: “forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.”

If treasure hunting fever hadn’t hit before, it was definitely in full force now.



August 1931 – Digs and Buildings on Oak Island

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Unfortunately the years of excavating, digging, and disruptions were perilous, leading to the deaths of several intrepid explorers.  The mysterious pit, too, suffered the consequences – and repeated floodings – leading many to believe it was booby trapped.  Difficulties abounded, and at some point, the seemingly insurmountable project was abandoned.

But not before it sparked the interest of two young boys in Michigan, who, in January of 1965, happened upon an issue of Readers Digest with an article about the money pit inside.  For decades it lay dormant in their imaginations – the ultimate treasure hunt.

In 2006, however, Rick and Marty Lagina set about to make their lifelong dreams a reality, buy purchasing the majority stake in the company that now owns Oak Island.  In 2010 they were granted a temporary Treasure Trove License, which was became the more permanent Oak Island Treasure Act as of 1 January 2011.

Today the Lagina’s have teamed up with local Island residents the Blankenship’s (who have been searching for treasure themselves since the 1960s, and inspired the original Readers Digest article that once caught their eye), and the History Channel has entered the picture as well, documenting the adventure.


Oak Island Map

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I definitely don’t want to give anything away, but suffice it to say, the search has been pretty exciting to watch!  While they still haven’t cracked the case, they’ve actually turned up some interesting pieces to the puzzle – including some pretty wild theories about what’s hiding at the bottom of the pit!

I am sure there are some people out there who have their own theories – and there are probably a few that “know for sure” what’s down there, but the more fanciful side of my personality just won’t allow me to Google it.  Maybe I grew up on too many Disney movies and Babysitters Club Mystery books, but there’s something kind of romantic in the idea of a Real Live Treasure Huntin’ Mystery, in my mind anyways…


Does the mystery of the “Money Pit” or “Curse on Oak Island” spark your interest?  What do you think is hiding underground – nothing at all, or a priceless treasure?


Catch-up with Season One Here!

Show Stats
Name: The Curse of Oak Island
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Channel: History
Number of Seasons: 2 (Season 2 premieres November 4th at 9/8c)
Genre: Reality
Who Should Be Watching:  History fans, Mystery fans, Treasure hunters, Families


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