Halloween Decoration and Printable Round-Up


Last week I shared a fun post with you all, giving you a little glimpse of my love for decorating and some of my favorite Halloween Scenes that are currently adorning our house for the month of October.


Halloween Decorations The HWL


While I didn’t *quite* manage to make the house as spooktacular as I have in past years (I admit it! An entire box of decorations is still sitting in the garage, and with so much else on our plates right now, that’s probably where they’ll stay), it looks cheery, holiday-y, and inviting nevertheless.  Everyone who steps in the front door comments on something – and it’s a good feeling to know that although not everyone manages (or even thinks it’s important) to find the time to decorate for themselves, it still brings them a bit of cheer to be surrounded by the holiday spirit.

That fact, coupled with our marathon of scary movies, is definitely keeping us in a festive mood all month long!!

Plus, I had a BLAST painting and crafting the day away a few weeks ago to make it all happen.  And I’m already looking forward to doing it again next year…

While I had plenty of crafts leftover from previous years for this years’ projects, of course I couldn’t help but look on Pinterest for just a feeeew other ideas for next October.

Check out some of my favorite finds below, in today’s Halloween Decoration and Printable Round-Up!

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Halloween Decorations Printables Roundup TheHWLPhoto Source


A fun Halloween Gallery Wall hanging how-to from A Night Owl Blog and Martha Stewart Crafts: LINK HERE

HalloweenGalleryWall MarthaStewart NightOwlBlog-1

DIY Haunted House Silhouettes from Trend Hunter (with lots of patterns!): LINK HERE
(Personally, I can’t wait to try these out on our upstairs windows next year!)

DIY HauntedHouse Silhouettes TrendHunter

A couple of fun free printables from The Graphics Fairy below – she has some GREAT stuff!  Definitely recommend checking out her site in general for any and all of your crafting needs!
LINK ONE: Trick or Treat Bag Label

Printable trickortreatlabel GraphicsFairy

LINK TWO: Old Poison Labels – Antique and White versions
Great for those repurposed-bottle crafts!

OldPoisonLabels Skull GraphicsFairy

Love love LOVING these super cute and easy Trash Bag Spider Webs from HGTV: LINK HERE

DIY Trash Bag Spider Web HGTV

This is a super cute centerpiece idea – either with candy corn for Halloween or dried popcorn kernels for Thanksgiving – but I have NO Idea where the credit is due.  If this is your image or know where I can link it to, please let me know!

Halloween Thanksgiving Candle Corn Centerpiece

DIY Yarn Candy Corn decoration from Thrifty Decor Chick – plus a bonus Candy Corn Wreath & matching Candle Holder how-to!: LINK HERE
I did a Christmas Tree version of these yarn cones last year, and they turned out so great! This is definitely on next year’s craft list!

Yarn Candy Corn

Fabulous DIY repurposed Halloween Wine Bottle how-to: LINK HERE

halloween wine bottles2


Another classic from Martha Stewart, the Shivering Bats Shade: LINK HERE
You may have noticed this one in our living room, from last week’s post!

Shivering Bats Shade MarthaStewart


Adorably creative Monster Door to help greet any guest – 18 different designs!: LINK HERE
Another one I definitely have to try out next year!

Monster Doors


Do you have a favorite Halloween-Themed craft that you’ve tried out recently?  Be sure to share a photo or a link in the comments so we can all join the festivities!


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