On a Warm Spring Morning

Spring Sunshine Gratitude The HWL

A slice of perfection.

There are very few moments in life like these.  The kind that make you want to hold your breath and soak everything in so that you won’t ever forget them.  And yet, even the act of actively recording and remembering something for a future when it no longer exists almost seems sacrilegious – as though in the very second you come to the realization that this moment isn’t all there is or ever will be, you’ve already pulled yourself out of the immediate wonder of it all as it is EXACTLY RIGHT NOW.

You just open your eyes one morning and it’s all right there in front of you.

The color of the sun as it shines through the skylight.  The feeling of your sleeping husband as he lies next to you.  The whisper of his breath on your cheek.  The way both your feet are intermingled with the pets curled up in the sun by the footboard.  The smell of the warm spring breezes and the chirping of birds as they float through the slightly open windows.  The weight of the covers as you burrow under them, not ready to get out of bed quite just yet.

Peace and quiet and love.


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