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Hey everyone!  Just a quick update today as I have been busy pulling my hair out/yelling at the computer/trying to make technology cooperate with me, so as to finally get a Google+ Business Page set up for The Hand-Written Life, as well as a YouTube Channel!

Ugh, who ever thought it could be so complicated?  I guess it’s not actually that complicated if you do it correctly from the start – but if you happen to just click “okay” to things before you’ve even finished reading them, it turns out that you can really screw yourself over when it comes to the names you are allowed to use/the type of page you can register for.  (Long story short: my day would have been a whole lot less stressful if I had realized that once you connect a Google+ page or YouTube channel to your personal account [or to each other, for that matter], there’s no going back to business mode [or single mode], which means you have to get creative with the work-arounds).

Anyways, the good news in all that is that my hard work has paid off and I officially have both projects completed ;)

So if you’d like another way to follow along with The Hand-Written Life, check out the new Google+ Page I’ve created just for the site!  I can’t wait to see you there.

And I hope you’ll join me as well, over on YouTube – at the moment you won’t find much, but in the future I hope to use it as a platform for providing you even more in-depth reviews and information on what I’m reading, watching, loving, and listening to at the moment!


Do you have a Google+ Page (business or personal), or a YouTube Channel?  Leave the link in a comment below and I’ll be sure to meet up with you!



Tying Up Some Odds and Ends

Tying Up Some Odds and Ends

To Follow or Not To Follow...

To Follow or Not To Follow…

Just a Quick Update!

Just a Quick Update!


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