Calling All Writers – Get Your Post Featured!

Wow – I can’t believe how quickly February snuck up on us!  It seems like just yesterday we were planning our New Year’s Resolutions in anticipation of the arrival of 2014, and now we’re already a month past!

It’s extra strange for me this year, because January is usually one of my least favorite months of the year – in Oregon, once the warm glow of the holidays are over the overcast skies and rainy days really set in, we find ourselves staring down a long stretch of calendar that’s filled with nothing but gloom.  And February isn’t much better.

But for the past two weeks or so (after nearly a month of fog so heavy we could barely see to back out of our own driveway), the sun has been shining (even when it hasn’t, we’ve had hints of SNOW which is pretty romantic in February), and the air has been thick with the promise of good things to come.  I’m getting excited!

So to celebrate my newfound excitement for the month of February, I want to include YOU!

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Do you have a story or post you’ve been wanting to share, centered around the topic of love?  Do you have a special Valentine’s Day tradition, recipe, or memory that inspires you?  Or maybe you just have a unique thought or viewpoint on the holiday itself, or relationships and love in general.  Now’s the time to share it!

Click the link below to submit your pitch idea or post, and get featured on The Hand-Written Life during the month of February!

Click Here to Become A Guest Blogger, Today!

And if you’re interested in becoming a contributor, but don’t have love on the mind at the moment – fear not ;)  I’m always on the search for great new voices and want to hear what you have to say!  Click the link above to share your suggestion.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

*      *      *

Check out some of the previous guest posts that have been featured on The Hand-Written Life HERE.

If you’ve already contributed to the site, and want to share your posts with your own followers and readers, be sure to snag one of these great Grab Badges and link up with me!




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