My Children’s Book Site is Back Up and Running!

Many of you may not know that in addition to this little blog here, I’m also a self-published author!

The Adventures of Baseball and Zooey 2 Pack

Unfortunately, my books have taken a bit of a back seat to all of the craziness that has been my life lately – but that doesn’t mean I’ve neglected them completely!  And today I’m excited to announce that I am finally back at it, and contributing once again to the blog dedicated to the subjects of said books: my cats…

That’s right!  I’m one of those crazy cat ladies…but once you meet Baseball and Zooey (and Dan and Ben – my newly adopted fur-sons who will become regular characters in no time), I think you’ll understand why ;)  Because they’re the best, of course!

And like I said, I’m back to blogging about them, so be sure to join me over at for even more fun.  Don’t miss fan favorites like “Wordless Wednesday,” which will also be making a comeback!

For those of you with young readers in your lives, I also chronicle their many zany hijinks in my children’s book series “The Adventures of Baseball and Zooey”.  The first two books, Zooey and Her Soldier and Zooey The AcroCat are out now, and available for purchase on Baseball and Zooey’s Shop; or on the Etsy shop I share with my mom, where we also sell our line of 100% organic cotton baby bedding, Delano Designs Baby – Click Here to stop by and check it out!

You can also find out more about my books in the Current Works section of this site.

The third book in the “Adventures of Baseball and Zooey” series, The Surprise Under The House is now in the works, and will be expected to make it’s debut sometime in the next few months – so stay tuned!

Cats Snuggle by Heater


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A Home Isn't a Home Without a Cat...Or Five

A Home Isn’t a Home Without a Cat…Or Five

Zooey and Her Soldier Cover

Author Profile and Interview

"Zooey The AcroCat" Review!

“Zooey The AcroCat” Review!


2 thoughts on “My Children’s Book Site is Back Up and Running!

  1. Glad to see that you’re back at it and that your book is coming up in the next few months. Plus your site is up. I’ll check it out. Congrats on getting back on track :)

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