I Have A Computer Again!

*Does a happy dance*

Yes…after 5 years, I finally have a new computer!  Hence the unexpected hiatus here on the site – being that it was about 105 in computer years, my last mac was on it’s final (very shaky) legs; and after it froze during the process of restarting itself the times in a row, I decided to let it rest a little bit while I waited for the new one to arrive.  Nothing like having your old computer die completely on you the day before you transfer all of its data over – and with my luck, that’s exactly what would have happened!!

New Macbook Pro

But I’m back and newer and faster and better than ever! Watch out folks, it’s Andrea 2.0!  (Did that just super date me?  Do they not even make version 2.0 of anything anymore?  Are we on like version 6.0 now, and did I completely miss it?)

Anyways, I have a ton to say, but most of it will take a post of its own so I guess that’s really it for now…Just know that I’m alive, and I will be responding to your comments and blogging again more regularly in the weeks to come!

In the mean time, I’ll be sitting on my couch that FINALLY got moved from my old house to our new one, in our cozy, newly decorated living room with a billion cats and my husband.  We’ll be watching Downton Abbey – so, you know, don’t interrupt me even if you need me for something because it’s FREAKING DOWNTON OKAY?  (Amazon Prime members – you can catch up with the first three seasons for free on Amazon Instant Video!  Click Here
to try it out).

Oh, and to make sure you don’t miss any of the excitement next time I disappear for a little while, be sure to follow along on Facebook,  Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram!


What did I miss while I was gone?  What do you think the next minor emergency will be that will prevent me from blogging on the regular?  Should I just accept that that will probably NEVER HAPPEN?



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