18 (more) Movies for December


Last year I created a list of 31 of my favorite Christmas/Winter themed movies for the month of December – and I have to be honest, my favorites still reside on that original list.  I mean, with classics like White Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life on there, can you really blame me?  But I am a sucker for just about any holiday movie ever and I’ll watch whatever I can get my hands on, so this year I have 18 more movies for you to add to your repertoire of films that help create the festive spirit this time of year.

(I have a confession to make: I was actually just going to share last year’s list with you again this year, because I haven’t had a chance to watch that many holiday movies yet!  But my thoughtful-self planned ahead and left my presently-unprepared-self a list of movies I enjoyed last year, which gave me a jumping off point…Don’t you love it when you do things like that??  I wish I was thoughtful like that more often!)

18 (More) Movies for December

But before we get to this list, I have a quick question – as I was compiling this year’s list and looking over last year’s I noticed something pretty glaring: I have no movies on either list that feature any holiday other than Christmas!  What the heck!  This seriously needs to be remedied.  But unfortunately I can’t think of any good non-Christmas themed holiday movies, or movies that center around the traditions celebrated in other cultures.

Do you have any good movie suggestions that might fit the bill??  If so, please leave the titles in the comments, because I would really love to be able to feature some great films that might be less well known to myself and my readers, and create a more well-rounded list next year!

A side note for your convenience: Below you’ll find a list of 18 movies – some items are appropriate for children, and some are definitely not! Films with asterisks by their titles can be found on family-friendly channels such as The Disney Channel, ABC Family, The Hallmark Channel etc.

18 (more) Movies for December
1.  I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown*
2.  It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown*
3.  Holiday in Handcuffs*
4.  12 Men of Christmas
5.  Scrooged*
6.  The Mistle Tones*
7.  Frosty’s Winter Wonderland*
8.  Frosty Returns*
9.  The Holiday
10.  The Family Man
11.  Prancer*
12.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)*
13.  A Christmas Carol*
14.  Undercover Christmas
15.  Snow & Snow 2: Brain Freeze*
16.  Christmas with a Capital C
17.  How About You


And be sure to check out last year’s list!

What are some of your favorite movies to watch this time of year? Did I miss any of them? Do you have any good suggestions for movies centered around holidays other than Christmas?

You can find descriptions of each of these movies by clicking their titles –
OR – you can visit Andrea Kelly at The Hand-Written Life on IMDB to find all of the titles from each of my movie recommendations lists!
(There are only a couple of lists up at the moment but I’ll be adding more as I get the time).


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One thought on “18 (more) Movies for December

  1. You can never go wrong with Charlie Brown and The Grinch. Classics I watch every year with my kids :) I also like Family Man and The Holiday. Pretty cool, but I must also include The Griswalds can’t have Christmas without Chevy Chase. And did you finally see a Christmas Story? I never miss it. But I also never miss watching Costanza celebrate Festivus on Seinfeld. Ha! It cracks me up :) But that’s TV.

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