Happy December!


Happy December everyone!  I was hoping to have this post up yesterday – but unfortunately I pulled a muscle in my back and have had trouble moving my neck ever since!  So instead I laid around and watched cozy movies on TV all day…and it was wonderful.  I guess it was a pretty good way to spend the first day of December (and a Sunday, no less), after all!


Happy December 2013


Today, although I had several things I planned to cross-off my to-do list, I have cleared my schedule for a grocery store trip, because it’s supposed to snow tonight!  I’m not sure whether it’ll decide to stick or not (usually it doesn’t, though our house is quite a ways further up in elevation than my old one was), but we have literally no working ingredients for meals in our fridge or cupboards at the moment – and since our driveway is practically vertical, I’d rather not take the chance of getting stuck inside with nothing to eat.

So I guess you could say we’re in the full swing of December things already, around here!  Cozy  movies – check.  Stocking up on food due to threat of snow – check!  Christmas music on the car radio – check.

Perhaps when we get back from our errands I’ll even start hauling some of those decorations out of the garage…Almost no one in our neighborhood puts lights up, according to Captain America, and I’m determined to make our house glow with holiday cheer!

Before I sign off and hop to it though, I would just like to stop and take a quick moment to acknowledge the issue of political correctness during the holiday season.  I wrote up a whole post about it last year, and you can read the entire thing here, if you’d like to.  But the gist of it is this:

I am a Christmas fiend.  it’s how I was raised, and I love the traditions – it really does feel like the best time of year, to me.  However, I also totally respect anyone who happily celebrates another holiday, or no holiday at all!  (Although in the latter case, I may feel kind of sorry for you, because celebrations are fun!).  So even though I may talk a fair bit about Christmas on the blog this year, I just want you all to know it’s never my intention to make any of my readers feel left out or ignored – it’s just my favorite holiday, and I’m excited, is all!


Are you ready for December?  What winter holidays do you and yours celebrate, this time of year?  Do you like to decorate the house in honor of the festivities?  What is your favorite holiday tradition?  More importantly – has it SNOWED yet where you live?



A Personal Note on Political Correctness and The Holidays

A Personal Note on Political Correctness and The Holidays

Handmade Holidays

Handmade Holidays

The Things I've Left Unsaid - Happy Birthday My Friend, We Miss You

The Things I’ve Left Unsaid – Happy Birthday My Friend, We Miss You


5 thoughts on “Happy December!

  1. Hope you feel better soon! What a lovely way to begin December ~ ok, not the pain part, but definitely the relaxing and watching movies on a Sunday! I adore Christmas and it has yet to snow here, but I am excited for the first flakes to begin! Did you get the predicted snow?

    • Thank you! My neck is still a bit stiff but it’s getting better, at least.

      Do you usually get much snow where you live? We didn’t get any the other day, but we’re currently in the middle of a winter storm warning and are supposed to get 2-4 inches tonight, so we’ll see! Usually we only get about one decent snowfall a year, but if it’s starting this early I’m hoping we might see some more this season!

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