Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Sending you best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I hope you’re surrounded by all of the people and things that you’re Thankful for,
and that you are blessed with enough food to eat more than you realistically can in one sitting!

The other day I had the wonderful opportunity of being invited to join my very first blog carnival!  And this one is close to my heart, because it’s all about celebrating what you’re grateful for this year.

Part of the requirements for joining the carnival are to come up with the top 3 things you’re thankful for this year, take a picture of them, and then write a post about them.  Well, I’ve spent every Thursday (okay, and a Wednesday…) of this month doing just that!  So instead of writing up an entirely new post, I took some excerpts from the last 4 days of Thankful Thursday’s and put them together in one – which I am sharing with you today!  It may be a little redundant for those of you who have been following along all November, but for the newcomers, I hope you enjoy – and if you’re interested in reading each post in its entirety, you can find the links to all my Thankful Thursdays this month at the bottom of the page (there’s an additional fourth post, so don’t miss it!).

 For those of you interested in joining the Gratitude Blog Carnival and sharing your 3 Thanks, submit your contribution here, and be sure to grab the campaign badge for your site, so it will be included in the Gratitude Roundup on December 3rd! (Which just so happens to be Giving Tuesday).

Gratitude Campaign Badge
USC’s Gratitude Campaign


Here are #My3Thanks!

The House in Spring 2011

The House in Spring 2011

1.  I am thankful for our house: I’m thankful that Captain America and I have space to be together and to start our life together – but I’m equally as grateful that we have space enough to be apart when we need to be (he has an office and I have a craft room).  I’m glad to know that all five of our animals have space to run and play and be happy, themselves.  On rainy days, I’m thankful to be able to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book or movie in our family room, and on sunny days I’m thankful for the shady trees and smell of pine needles as we bbq on the back deck.  We have something that many people don’t, and I’m not talking about just a nice place to keep our stuff.  I’m talking about a comfortable bed and a warm place to sleep each night, next to the person we love (and a couple of cats…and a dog).  A shelter from the storm – whether it’s an actual rainstorm or just a really shitty day.  A place to call our own, and for our family and our love to grow for years to come.

So today I am not just thankful for a house, and all of the wood and beams and hard work that went into building it – today I am thankful that this house is the place I am lucky enough to call home.

Andrea&Shannon_SM203-XL2.  I am thankful for my husband:  He’s not just a husband, either – on top of being awesome and providing for our family and doing things around the house like washing dishes and taking out the trash (we have a deal, if one person cooks, the other cleans up afterwards!), he’s also a veteran, and student working hard towards his goal of getting a Ph.D in psychology.  I am forever grateful to have found someone who is an active and passionate participant in life, and who works so hard to make the world around us a better place.  I am equally thankful to have found someone with whom I have shared values and beliefs with, someone who is caring, intuitive, kind, intelligent, funny, and good (not to mention good-looking!) – and that these qualities in him that I most cherish are the ones that I can look forward to seeing and instilling in our own children when we have them.  For now I’m just happy that he loves animals as much as I do, and that we are lucky enough to have a crazy family full of spoiled fur children.

Most of all, however, I am thankful that although our relationship is not perfect, it’s built on a foundation of love and friendship.  And regardless of what struggles occur, I know that I have a true partner in life who is always willing to put in the effort to make things work, and who desires that we change and grow together over the years so that our bonds are cemented ever tighter by the trials we are sure to face.

He is a good man, and I’m lucky to have him.

Photo Credit: TheInspiredRoom.net

Photo Credit: TheInspiredRoom.net

3.  I am thankful for my family:  I am thankful that I grew up around my cousins, and that as children we were able to create bonds tight enough that they still exist today, 20+ years later, even though we live in different states.  I am thankful for the photos, for the smiles, and for being able to see my grandpa’s face light up as he met his great-grandchild and held him for the first time.  I am thankful for those moments, sitting around the longest table I’ve ever seen, surrounded by family, with more food than we could ever eat – talking and laughing with a million conversations going at once, and kids crying and kids laughing and kids running, and all of the stories about our childhoods and reminiscing about “back in the day”…

But most of all, I am grateful that even though we celebrated it a few weekends early, nearly everyone I love got to spend Thanksgiving together.  I am thankful that no matter how long we go between seeing each other, it’s never awkward or uncomfortable – we always just fall in right where we left off.  I am so blessed to be a part of this huge group of people that not only loves each other, but can lean on each other during the hard times and celebrate together during the good – and that even amidst our sadness we are still able to feel the joy that comes from being amongst family.



What Else I’m Thankful For This Year:
Thankful Thursday – Home is Where the Heart is
Thankful Thursday – Home is Wherever I’m with You
Thankful Thursday – Home Isn’t A Home Without A Cat…or Five
Thankful Thursday – Home is Where You’re Surrounded By Family


Oh…and one last thing to add to the list – I’m thankful for YOU! My readers, fellow bloggers, and my friends. Thank you for your kindness, your acceptance, and your encouragement. It has enhanced my life greatly.

Thankful Thursday Buncee


What Are You Thankful For This Year?

Now what are you waiting for…go spend time with your family & friends, and eat some pie!



My Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions (and Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe!)

My Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions (and Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe!)

Happy November!

Happy November!

Happy November - A Look Back at Fall 2012

Happy November – A Look Back at Fall 2012


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