Thankful Thursday – Home Isn’t A Home Without A Cat…or Five

Today I am thankful for our fur children.  Between the two of us Captain America and I have five animals – he brought 3 into the relationship, and I added my two.  In total, it adds up to 4 cats and 1 dog, even if the dog is a chihuahua so in reality it’s actually more like 5 cats…We’ve taken to calling our house “Furhaven” – and it’s not because it’s a haven for all of the fur they shed, although that would probably be more accurate!

Thankful Thursday Buncee

Oddly enough, every time I have sat down and tried to write this post, something has happened that has made me question why I’m really thankful for these little buggers, after all.  I mean, first, we walked into our entryway only to discover that our disabled cat had peed on a pile of shoes.  Then, of course, Captain America and I have both had the misfortune of stepping in cat puke (on several different occasions).  But if you really want to put the icing on the cake, there was the night we crawled into bed at 2:30am, dead tired, and found a puddle of cat pee soaked through our pillows and mattress.  Such is the nature of pet ownership.  *Rolls eyes*

*UPDATE:  Literally as I was writing this – I took a break, went upstairs, and found poop in our bed.  WHAT THE HECK!  (Our long haired cat got it stuck to him and decided our sheets were the best place to do some grooming.  Thanks for that).

…I feel like this is also a good place to pause and mention that our animals are not stupid, or poorly trained, which is why it’s super strange that every time I try to be thankful for them they turn on me!  I guess it’s just a lesson in thankfulness, right?  You have to be thankful even during the sucky parts.  Maybe even especially during the sucky parts.

So no, the fact that they have (collectively): peed on and ruined 3 pairs of shoes, my high school diploma, childhood drawings, our new floors, and Captain America’s vintage baby clothes; puked on the couch, on the rug, in my shoes; and cost us thousands of dollars in vet bills between UTI’s and swallowed shoe-laces,  doesn’t really change the fact that I’m thankful for them – not at all.

Row Cats

Front to Back: Baseball, Zooey, Dan, Ben

I am thankful for Baseball, the Maine Coon – who along with his sister Zooey, stars in my children’s book series “The Adventures of Baseball and Zooey.”  He’s my baby boy who follows me everywhere, and loves to touch his nose to your nose and give you kisses, even if he is a grumpy old man half the time.

I am thankful for Zooey, our only girl, who’s a little tubby tabby with a lot of sass – if something interesting is happening, you know Zooey will be on the case!  Even though she likes to pretend she’s independent and doesn’t need us silly humans, she’s actually a totally softy at heart who will come curl up with you the second she knows you’re not feeling well.

I am thankful for Dan, our other tabby, who has no bones.  Okay that’s not true, but he’s the goopiest cat in the entire world and I swear you could tie him in a knot if you wanted to.  He’s the most easy going, happiest cat on the planet and basically just lives to purr super loudly in your ear and knead your leg.

I am thankful for Ben, our Bengal with Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia.  He’s a tipsy little man who falls everywhere and can get into anything.  Disability be damned, this cat can open doors, and climb almost anything.  He has the silliest little rabbit hop when he’s happy, and will follow you everywhere.

I am thankful for Doug, our Chihuahua mix, who may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but has a huge heart.  He’s a happy little dude who will literally smother you in cuddles if you let him, and has to be at the center of everything, always.


At the end of the day, even though they’re a total handful and I spend more of my day than I would like to cleaning up after them (especially since Ben is disabled – he’s awesome, but he sure can make a mess), there’s still nothing better than sitting down on the couch with Captain America to watch a movie, with all of them curled up around us.  Sure, the transition to us all living together was difficult at first – everyone’s had their moments – but overall we’re finally settling down into one big happy family!  And for that I can’t help but be thankful!

What are you Thankful for this Thursday?  Do you have any zany pets who keep you on your toes?


Book 2 Pack

Read all about Baseball and Zooey (and the rest of the gang) in my children’s book series,
“The Adventures of Baseball and Zooey,” or stop by their blog, today!

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(I haven’t been updating these sites as frequently in the last few months, but it’s a project of mine to get them up and running in a newer and bigger way in the next month or so, become a fan to follow along with the progress!)



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7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Home Isn’t A Home Without A Cat…or Five

    • So true! It’s a little like having 5 toddlers run around the house. Good training for the future, too, by the time Captain America and I decide to have kids, we’ll be old pros at cleaning up after them, anyways! :P

  1. Your pets sound lovable just like you! We had 2 cats (now only one) our elder ‘daughter’ was 1/2 Maine Coon, 1/2 tabby ~ our first pet when we got married. Then the humans came along and then we got another cat ~ American Bobtail who eats ribbons, shoelaces, throws up in shoes and leaves long silky white fur everywhere she goes. She talks all day long, but just like her sister, she is a ball of love who has brought ‘fur therapy’ to our home (fur therapy is when you are sad and you need a little love from a pet). Both cats have brought much therapy to our home in addition to many giggles. So happy you are blessed with your 5!

    • Aww, thank you!! :)

      Yes! Isn’t fur therapy the best? Animals are amazing, they always just knowhow you are feeling. Such wonderful companions. It sounds like you all have your hands full as well – an American Bobtail, how cool! And I’ve always wondered what a tabby/maine coon mix would be like! I got Baseball fixed before Zooey came into the picture, and I’ve always regretted it a bit…they would have had such cute kittens!! LOL

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