New Book Launch! Between Boyfriends by Sarka-Jonae Miller

Today is kind of a special day around here, because today is the day that the book Between Boyfriends launches!

Between Boyfriends new coverBetween Boyfriends by Sarka-Jonae Miller

At first glance, twenty-one-year-old Jan Weston has it all: a gorgeous boyfriend, fun friends, and wealthy parents who take care of all those pesky credit card bills.

Then her boyfriend dumps her, her friendships fall apart, and her parents cut her off. Suddenly without money, without a man, and without a plan, it’s time for Jan to grow up.

Determined to get her life back on track, Jan decides it’s time to make it on her own. Can she find her way as a single lady in San Diego? Can she fix her friendships, her job prospects, and her hair?

And can she keep her vow that she’ll never date again, even after she meets a guy who just might be perfect for her?

BETWEEN BOYFRIENDS is a sexy, hilarious story of living life, finding love, and growing up… but not necessarily in that order.

Written by a good work friend of mine, Sarka-Jonae Miller, Between Boyfriends is her debut chick-lit novel that was 11 years in the making.  Which, I suppose, makes the fact that it’s being made available to the public on 11/11 pretty darn fitting!  Anyways, I’m super excited for Sarka-Jonae because she is just such a great person to work with – and not only that but she’s also someone who goes above and beyond to help others, so she really deserves this!

Find out what people are saying about the book:

“This book is the ultimate chick-lit read–a light-hearted romp focused on the travails of Jan, a college student dumped by her boyfriend, an SDSU student. The moment proves an epiphany, as Jan resolves to stop dating and find fulfillment as a single woman.” – East County Magazine

Between Boyfriends “presents a unique twist on the chick lit genre.”‘ – Hollywood & Vine Magazine

Between Boyfriends is a delicious slice of chick-lit! Snappy dialogue sets this story apart from the pack as it follows a young woman who, financially cut off by her parents when she fails to attend school, learns that life is more than her Amex card, and reunites with a mother who has endured her own brand of pain.” – Jan Moran, Bestselling Author

“BETWEEN BOYFRIENDS is a great read. It’s got everything you’d expect in a chick-lit book: good friends, fun, and a little romance, but the thing Sarka-Jonae adds to this story is a journey.” – Caroline Fardig, Bestselling Author


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