Joyful Home and Life: Defining Family

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being asked to write for a new website that was being developed. Well, the site, Joyful Home and Life, went live on September 30th, and since then it’s been such a fun experience participating in this new blogging adventure!

Today I’m even more excited to announce that my first post was published on the site!  Click the link below to read it, and find out what some of the most important family values are to me.  Feel free to add to the discussion, and let me know what family means to you – I’d love to see some familiar faces (and gravatars).

Joyful Home and Life: Defining Family

Family means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some people have strained relationships with their family members – some relationships are so strained that over time, the ties are severed completely. Some people growing up simply bide their time, waiting until they can detach themselves from their family unit and set out for a life of their own.  On the other hand – some people have wonderful relationships with their parents, siblings, and extended family members. Instead of the rolled eyes at the suggestion of a “family activity” like is stereotypically portrayed on television shows, some people actually enjoy hanging out with their family – playing board games, doing puzzles, watching movies, or even just sitting around the dinner table hours after all of the food has been finished, chatting about life and the meaning of it.  I count myself very lucky, in that this is the kind of family I grew up in.  My best friend in high school would often ask to come over and eat dinner with us, loving the boisterous conversations that were held around the table, and whenever she walked in the door she proudly proclaimed “Hello Family!” – having adopted us as her own……[READ MORE]

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Join me in November for my next post on Joyful Home and Life – and every 3rd Wednesday of the month after that.  I hope my Wednesdays there with you become a time for sharing traditions and passing on inspiration – I can’t wait to explore this process of building a family with you all, and I am eager to learn from your lessons, stories, and opinions as well!



JOYful Opportunities

JOYful Opportunities

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On Fall and Contentment and Coffee…

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Bucket Baby!


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