Photoshop Fun – Why You Should Watermark Your Photos

Instead of catching up with blog posts and scheduling a few for the upcoming weeks, today I spent pretty much the entire day playing around with Photoshop Elements.  (In between cleaning the basement, doing loads of laundry, running errands, making food, and settling into the new house, of course).

But in the end I’d say it was worth it, because although I wanted to rip my hair out, or throw my computer through a plate glass window – more than a few times – I also managed to create a fun new watermark for my photos!

What do you think?


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Why are watermarks important? Well, not only do they do the obvious – mark your photos with your ownership and copyright – but they also keep them out of the public domain. You see, whenever you post a photo to your blog, or upload it to your blog’s facebook or twitter, it immediately becomes part of the vastness that is “the internet”.  If you don’t have your photos marked in some way, it’s easy as A, B, C, for someone to come along and use that photo as their own.  On the flip side, it will also be nearly impossible for you to track down that photo as it as re-used and re-shared across the internet without credit or attribution.

Anything you put on the internet grows to have a life of it’s own – and the second you hit the “publish” button you no longer have any control over where the information goes, or how it’s used.   Watermarking is the easiest way to track your pictures, and to claim them as yours in order to stop misuse should it occur.

It also ensures that no matter where someone comes across one of your photos (pinterest, another blog, tumblr, etc.) they are always directed straight to the original source – you!  Instead of a a potentially less-than-credible site that has stolen your work, or someone who is guilty of poor internet etiquette for not properly crediting their information.

Watermarking can be as simple as adding a text box with your blog URL at the bottom of each picture like you’ve seen me do previously.  Or you can get more creative and make something that really stands out.  Check out the “HOW-TO” section below to find out more about how you can create a unique watermark for your site.  Either way you choose, watermarking your photos is one of the best things you can do to protect the content you share on your blog!

Stay tuned!
Although I have a few more posts to round out the end-of-wedding festivities, I also have several new themes I’ll be addressing in the next few weeks – including more on my fatal flaws – as well as additional information on how to customize your blog and make it even more successful than it already is!

How To:

—  Learn how to create your own watermark using Photoshop Elements 10 from 2 Sisters and A,
—  Click here to check out Texas Chicks Blogs and Pics for even more Photoshop watermark tutorials,
—  Jump right in and start making your own with Picmarkr,
—  Or try your hand at creation using PicMonkey, today!


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