80 Years and Counting…

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Photo Credit: TheBlaze.com (KVAL Screenshot)

Photo Credit: TheBlaze.com (KVAL Screenshot)

When Ermin and Erma Johnston were married on August 23, 1933 they probably didn’t think they would be setting any records. Indeed, the couple, who married smack in the middle of the depression, couldn’t even afford flowers at their wedding.  According to Erma, “we had fern, and it was beautiful.”

The two met at a Sunday School party, and Ermin says he immediately knew Erma was the one for him.  Although he was tasked with driving two girls home that night, he dropped one of them off first in order to take the long way home with Erma.

Ermin, now 101 years old, went on to have a 40-year career in the railroad industry, and together he and his wife raised three children.  Over the years, their family has grown to include 9 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren!

Even still, they never considered their life together to be any more remarkable than the lives of other couples they knew.  When asked what the secret to their successful relationship was, Ermin laughed and said, “There’s no secret … just keep living!”  (According to Erma it’s communication, which the couple admits they are still big on today).

But remarkable they are, and set records they did, when this summer the Albany natives celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary and became Oregon’s longest married couple.

In a time when most people struggle to spend even 80 days together, Erwin remarks that he would spend another 80 years with his beloved wife, if he could.


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Read the Johnstons entire story, and watch the news clip at KVAL.com


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