So Many Things, So Little Time

I had a whole post lined up about one of my other fatal flaws, and planned to sit down and type it out this morning, but I spent all day getting my dress fitted, picking a dress for our flower girl, finding the right colored fabric for our reception’s table runners, and getting a plaque made for a shadow box my mother-in-law and I are putting together for Captain America’s belated birthday present.

And since I’m starting to lose my mind with anxiety over all of the little details that need to come together in the next 16 days before the wedding, it turns out I don’t actually have the ability to concentrate on any one thing long enough to write a real post at the moment, after all.

Instead, here’s a list of everything I have to accomplish in the next two weeks – maybe then it’ll all stop rotating around and around in my head, driving me crazy!

To Do Note

– Tally RSVPs

– E-mail Cake Maker

– Book Honeymoon

– Plan and Write Vows & E-mail Officiant

– Plan out Ceremony

– Pick Ceremony and Reception Music & E-mail DJ

– E-mail Photographer

– Pick Hair & Makeup Style

– Find Someone To Do Said Hair & Makeup

– Organize Wedding Rehearsal and Brunch

– Pick Basement Floor & Wall Color

– Pack House

– Move

– Un-Pack House

– Pack for Honeymoon

– Buy Flowers for Arbor

– Scout Wedding Site & Measure

– Buy Twinkle Lights

– Finish Dress Fittings

– Have Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

– Get Burlap for Chair Sashes

– Buy Tiara

– Shorten Veil

– Shop for Honeymoon

And probably a host of other things that I can’t think of/haven’t even come onto my radar yet.  Ahhhh!

Time to start checking things off the list…

What do you do when you have a list of things you have to do a mile long, and no time to do them in?  How do you break them down into manageable tasks?  How do you keep the anxiety from overwhelming you and stopping you from doing anything at all?


Please Excuse Me While I Freak Out

Please Excuse Me While I Freak Out

Note to Self: Write A Real Blog Post

Note to Self: Write A Real Blog Post

One Of Those Rainy Day Posts

One Of Those Rainy Day Posts


One thought on “So Many Things, So Little Time

  1. Hang in their, Kelly. I’m convinced that the pre-weeding pressure is designed to help weed out those who shouldn’t take the plunge. You’ll be fine. Ask for help. Break the big challenge into smaller, bite-size pieces. You have enough smaller bite size pieces to feed an army, so get a LOT of help if possible.

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