Travelin’ Thursday

Suncrest SunsetThis past weekend Captain America and I visited some of his family at a reunion-of-sorts in Prineville. His brother’s wife’s family owns property out in the country, on which they have built a “western town.” Her father initially started the project for their wedding, and over time new buildings have gone up, such as the bank and the hotel – there’s even a “Jayda Park” named after their granddaughter (our flower girl).

Most of the buildings house mattresses and bedding, so that everyone has a place to sleep when they come visit – and visit they do!  The camp-out takes place every summer, and everyone comes – from in-laws, to out-laws (former in-laws), friends of the family, kids, and adults alike.  All having a great time camping out in the high desert, celebrating the end of summer together.

In fact, even though there was a thunder and lightning storm on our way up, that didn’t stop the festivities.  We arrived just in time for the whole pig they had roasted to come out of the brick oven my future-sister-in-law’s father set up.

There was also a cooking competition, in which three sets of teams were challenged to make the best barbeque sauce, and in the end everyone had pulled pork sandwiches with the meat from the pig and the bbq-sauces, and voted for their favorite.

I wish I had been able to take more pictures – especially of the thunderstorms – but my stupid phone memory was full and my camera wouldn’t let me, so I spent the entire time deleting things off of it in order to get the few pictures of the sunset below.

(Technically the one at the top of the post is from our drive to Captain America’s house the night before we left, if you want to be nitpicky about it; but the rest are from our drive back into Redmond where we stayed in a hotel instead of camping out – we both have bad backs and with moving and a wedding coming up, neither of us can afford to be in pain!).

I hope you enjoy!

Prineville Sunset

Prineville Sunset 2
(Click photos to enlarge) Prineville Sunset 3


Does your family have family reunions? How often? Where do you get together? What is your favorite part?



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