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LethalOutlookLethal Outlook by Victoria Laurie

Lethal Outlook is the 10th book in one of my favorite mystery series.  Written by Victoria Laurie, the same author of the last book I reviewed, What’s A Ghoul To Do, I often go back and forth between the Psychic Eye series, and the Ghost Busting series, trying to decide which one I like best.  However, after reading the books back-to-back, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the Psychic Eye series is in fact, the better of the two.

Much like the Ghost Busting series, the Psychic Eye series is a fun read, but not particularly serious.  And although they have many similarities, they are clearly two distinct series with their own feel to them.  Similar to an easily recognizable musical group, every book (song) is different, but they each share a common “sound”.  Perhaps this is due to Laurie’s characteristic conversational writing style, which is still present in the Psychic Eye series, but is toned down a bit from the Ghost Busting books.  Even though the difference is slight, it’s enough to make the writing flow more smoothly, which pulls me as a reader in a little more by heightening the suspension of disbelief.  The characters also have a similar feel – Laurie has a knack for creating characters who seem as though they could jump right out of the book and into real life with little effort, and they often remind me of people I know and interact with in the real world.  Still, I find that the kookiness has been turned down just a notch in the Psychic Eye books, and for whatever reason – whether it’s the tone of the writing or the difference in plot lines – the characters and their motivations come across as just a little more believable and easier to relate to.

In this most recent book, Lethal Outlook, we join main character psychic Abby Cooper as she takes on some pretty hefty challenges.  Not only is she doing her best to relearn how to walk on her own again, after a badly smashed pelvis left her incapacitated, but she’s also in the middle of planning her upcoming wedding to FBI Agent Dutch Rivers, and overseeing the construction of their dream home. (As regular readers know, I couldn’t have read this book at a better time, since I too am planning a wedding and remodeling a house!)  Just when it seems things can’t get any more complicated, a woman in disguise appears in Abby’s office, claiming to be a lawyer retained by someone who’s committed a crime. Unwilling to say more due to her client confidentiality, she walks away with little more than a veiled hint about a missing young mother, and a plea for Abby’s help.  Will Abby’s psychic eye pick up on clues in the ether, and help the police crack the case?  Or will they lead her into the path of danger, herself?

I guess you’ll have to read it to find out!  And keep your eyes peeled, what seems like an open and shut case at the beginning has a few unexpected twists and turns, if you think you’ve figured it out early on, you probably haven’t!  This is one of those books that keeps you on your toes.  But it IS part of a series that’s difficult to start in the middle of – I even struggled remembering some pieces from the last book, and I was all caught up (it’s been a few years and a few hundred books since I’ve read it, to be fair).  So if you think you’re interested, I definitely recommend picking up the first book in the series, Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye before diving right in.  It’s the perfect read as summer winds down!

Any other fans of the Psychic Eye mystery series out there?  Do you like them, or dislike them?  Have you read the Ghostbusting ones as well?  Which of Laurie’s series do you prefer?

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Pick up your copy of Lethal Outlook today –

– Or start at the beginning of the series with Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye!

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