All Teak-ed Out

Our house project is nearly finished!

After 20-years, the once-white carpet is now totally gone, and the new wood floors are nearly finished. The house is already starting to feel like a different place. The upstairs hallway feels opened up and expansive, the bedrooms feel bigger and airier, and the downstairs rooms are lighter, brighter, and flow together seamlessly.

NewFloors3(How gorgeous are these floors?? I’m in heaven.)

We chose a non-engineered, Teak hardwood that is as beautiful as it is eco-friendly. Not only that, but thanks to my mom who’s an interior designer, and, we were able to get it on clearance at an amazing price. There’s no way we would have been able to get exactly what we wanted, otherwise.

Now, the whole place feels warmer and more inviting – and it will feel even more so in just a few weeks when we’re able to open our front door onto new entryway flooring, as well.

Next up for the house: The Kitchen and the basement, and then…moving day!! – when we finally get to put all our furniture back in place, put our feet up, and enjoy our “new” house!

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