How to Pick the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress – Without too Much Stress!

As I mentioned yesterday – Bridesmaid Dress shopping was by far the most stressful and difficult part of wedding planning to-date.  However, throughout that process I also learned a lot about the keys to successfully navigating the world of dress shopping.  So although I know this isn’t a wedding themed blog as a whole, I can’t help but want to pass some of that knowledge along to fellow brides out there who could use a hand!

Are you or someone you know in need of a few tips while searching for the perfect bridesmaids dress(es)?  Here is my advice:

Tips for Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Buncee

  • Pick a color and style that will look good on several different body types, heights, and colorings.  Have more than one girl try the dress on to make sure it looks and fits the way you’d like it to on everyone.
  • Get opinions, but don’t compromise!  It’s your day, and it’s one of the only days in your life that you can celebrate in a big way.  Be sure to stay true to your vision and don’t be swayed by a demanding or overbearing participant.  (At the same time, respect your girls and do your best to help them feel confident as they’re standing up there next to you).
  • Look at your color choice in each different fabric option before making your final decision.  The way each fabric takes the dye is different, meaning the color may differ slightly depending on whether you choose a cotton, satin, sateen, or chiffon dress.
  • Get a swatch of your dress color and fabric (they usually only cost about a dollar), and if possible, take it to your venue at the time you’ll be holding the ceremony – or at least hold it up to different lighting at different times of the day – to make sure you like it as much as you did under the store’s flourescent lighting.
  • Bring along your sample swatch and use it to make sure any colored decorations (sashes for the seats during the ceremony, table runners during the reception, etc) all match to help create a cohesive look.

And most importantly…

  • Learn when it’s okay to let go of the vision in your head.  Remember – you can’t always get exactly what you want, and things may look different in person than you expect.  It’s best to make several selections and rank them from first choice to last, and then see them tried on – what looks good on a hanger can look horrible on a real body, and vice versa!  Like I said, the dress I chose wasn’t even one I was originally considering.  And the colors we went with weren’t my exactlyperfectlyideal choice either – but when it comes down to it, you’re never going to remember whether it was your first, second, or third choice when you’re standing at the altar with your groom!  It’s not worth turning into a bridezilla over tiny details.

Do you have any tips for brides searching for the right bridesmaid dress?  Do you have any tips for the bridal party members themselves? How did you find the balance between fulfilling your vision and making your bridesmaids happy?


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