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WhatAGhoulWantsWhat A Ghoul Wants by Victoria Laurie

This series is fun, but hard to take seriously.  For starters, it’s about psychic ghost hunters.  Though I know this is an actual job, it still doesn’t do much to help the seriousness factor since most books, television shows, and movies that fall into the genre tend to elicit eye-rolls and guffaws.  The author, Victoria Laurie, does her best however, to stand out from the crowd and write legitimate and entertaining novels that do the genre justice.  The adventures are always eerily hair-raising, and once you start reading you’re immediately sucked into a realistic – albeit occasionally silly – ghostly realm where just about anything can happen, if you’re open to it!

The books follow professional medium-turned-ghost hunter M.J. Holliday as she sets out to ghost-bust haunted houses in her local area of Baltimore.  When a well-known TV producer gets wind of her other-worldly talent, she is soon recruited – along with her scaredy-cat best friend Gilley Gillespie and handsome medium of a boyfriend Heath Whitefeather – to be the stars of the new cable show, Ghoul Getters.

In this installment, we join M.J. and her ghost hunting crew as they travel the world getting footage for their struggling television show, fending off ghosts as they go.  But this time, it looks as if they’ve bitten off more than they can chew when they arrive at Kidwella, a Castle-turned-Inn in northern Wales.  The stories of the haunting go back decades – and soon, they find out why.  After a run in with the infamous “Grim Widow” (known for drowning her victims in the castle’s moat) on the first night, M.J. and Heath are almost ready to throw in the towel before they’ve begun. But when a body turns up in the moat the next day, and it appears it had some help in getting there, the crew decides to stick it through and get to the bottom of the mystery. What they don’t know is that decision might just make them the next victims!

I really enjoyed this book, and although it’s not my most favorite series ever, its good quality light reading that I would definitely recommend to a friend.  (That being you guys!)

One thing that’s very different about these books than some of the other’s I’ve recommended, though, is that Laurie’s writing style is not very formal and has a conversational air.  It’s easy to imagine just how Laurie must talk in real life. This has it’s benefits, in that it makes the characters somewhat relatable because you can imagine someone you know responding to situations in a similar manner.  However, I also find it a bit of a distraction for some reason.  I think it’s because it doesn’t match up with my idea of an “official” writing style tone, so it actually pulls me out of my suspension of disbelief at times – it just doesn’t “sound” like a book is supposed to sound!

That being said, I still look forward to each new installment, and they make a great read for someone in the mood for a relaxing and fun distraction from real life.  Looking for a good summer beach read?  Check out What A Ghoul Wants or – if you’re like me, and have to begin at the beginning – start the series with What’s A Ghoul to Do?.

Have you read any of the Ghost Hunters mystery series?  Do you like them, or dislike them?  Why or why not?

Pick up your copy of What A Ghoul Wants today!

Or start from the beginning with What’s A Ghoul To Do?


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