Please Excuse Me While I Freak Out

I was going to write you all another post today, about the rest of our road trip…But based on the amount of chaos that’s going on in my brain right now, that isn’t likely to happen.

So in lieu of the Grand Canyon, I’m just going to share my facebook status* from this morning with you instead, because that’s all I can muster:

“Hit the wedding planning wall. WHY did we decide against eloping, exactly??
I’ve officially lost my mind and don’t even want to find it! I’ve got too much other shit to do! Aaaaaaah!”

If anyone knows how to control the uncontrollable, or organize the un-organizable – please let me know.  I’ll be the girl sitting in the corner talking to herself and pulling all of her hair out.


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*I actually have a separate personal Facebook page, so if you’re friends with me on Facebook and missed this update, that’s why!

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3 thoughts on “Please Excuse Me While I Freak Out

  1. Is it too late to elope? Just remember, most things seem worse than they really are. Ask yourself, “What’s the worse that can happen?” If the answer does not involve death or dismemberment, you may be stressing over nothing.

  2. What are you having issues with? I planned my wedding – 150 guests at a winery in NH from TX so I might have a tip/trick or two that will help. Remember though – this day is about YOU and the groom. Try not to suffer from a case of “it’s the right thing to do itis” and make a list. “Thing that really matter” “things that kind of matter” and “meh” – good luck and have fun with it. It all goes quickly!

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