Road Trip Adventures Pt. 1, Or, Why Drunk People Shouldn’t Wear High Heels

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Captain America and I had quite a few adventures on our two week road trip through California, Nevada, and Arizona.  Our first stop was an overnight in Sacramento where we met up with my friends – but I’ll save that for a post of it’s own – and in the morning we were off to Las Vegas!

Although we stayed for five days, our (mis)adventures didn’t really began to start until the last few days of our stay – on the day before Captain America’s birthday.  Since we were checking out of our hotel (The Venetian) the day after his birthday, and heading to the Grand Canyon, we decided to do the majority of our celebrating a day early. That night, we decided to go to a real Las Vegas club.  Eugene isn’t exactly a hotspot for the nightlife, and our bar scene mostly consists of  dark and gloomy places mainly frequented by the college crowd – so we were pretty excited to go somewhere we could actually dance!  We chose Hakkasan at the MGM Grand, and it definitely didn’t disappoint, that’s for sure.

Sometime around 1am, however, things got a little crazy.  As you can probably imagine, most people in Vegas are pretty drunk by 1am.  And as it turns out, most drunk people are not exactly known for their coordination.  So although both Captain America and I were probably the most sober people in the room (I’ve never been a big drinker, especially now due to Lyme Disease), basically everyone else on the dance floor was more than a few drinks in – and they weren’t too concerned with paying attention to those around them.  That’s when I almost broke my foot.

One excessively inebriated girl was dancing in rather close proximity to us due to the fact that the room was packed. But instead of dancing she was really doing more of a jumping move…one on such jump she came down HARD with her stiletto – directly onto my foot.  I’ll save you the details of my subsequent hysteria (Captain America ended up having to carry me back to our room) and just show you a picture of the aftermath.

FootYes, that is the outline of her heel you see.

Long story short – when I was back on my feet I discovered that I had absolutely no shoes I could wear without hitting what was fast becoming a bruise as large as my entire foot.  Luckily, our hotel contained a mall, and we were able to find me a new pair of shoes that not only fit, but didn’t hurt, and they were cute to boot, so we weren’t forced to cut our trip short as we initially feared we might.  It’s been exactly one month to the day since my injury occurred, and I still can’t wear any shoes other than the ones we purchased that day.

The good news is they worked out, and we were able to celebrate the day of Captain America’s birthday by sitting by the pool and going out to dinner at Tao (their steamed chicken gyoza dumplings are freaking delicious!).  That night, however, as we were packing our bags to check out the next morning, we heard a strange noise.  The toilet was gurgling…

We went into bathroom and noticed that a strange noise was also coming from the bathtub.  Captain America lifted the toilet lid and suddenly it was nearly over-flowing.  Obviously I was going to have to pee at some point in the next 12 hours, so we made a call down to the front desk, and someone was sent to our room and began to plunge the toilet. About 30 seconds after he started, the maintenance man quit and came out of the bathroom. “You guys, this is bad,” he said.  “Real bad.”

Apparently there was a clog somewhere in the part of the drain that connected four different toilets from four different rooms, and sewage was now backing up into our bathtub and shower.  As you can imagine, the smell was more than unpleasant.  Not only were they going to have to move us at midnight the night before we were set to leave, but they were also trying to get a hold of our neighbors and inform them that they were about to have a problem in their bathrooms as well.  As we waited in the hallway for the bellman to help us carry our bags, we heard the phones ringing in the rooms next door to no avail.  Apparently everyone was either asleep our out and about.  I shudder to think what they encountered when they woke up/came back to their rooms!

Everything worked out in our favor, however, when we were moved to a 1,400sqft suite for the night (that’s bigger than my house!) for free, and were okay-d for late check-out in the morning.  We can only hope to experience an overflowing toilet the next time we go to Vegas, only this time it should really happen the day we check in!

It seems as though this might actually be in the cards for us too, because exactly 48 hours later, as we lay in bed at the J.W. Marriott in Tucson, we heard a familiar “glug glug glug” coming from the bathroom.  We looked at each other, incredulous.  We hadn’t even used the toilet yet, we had checked in and left almost immediately, only returning late that night.  Could this really be happening again?  Yes.  Yes indeed it was.  And once again we were moved at midnight to another room in our hotel.

Leaving me to wonder, what exactly do people do in hotel bathrooms?  On second thought, I probably don’t want to know…

At least the hotels handled the situation well, and regardless of our minor misadventures, we will happily stay in both establishments again.

What is the last unexpected/inconvenient adventure you encountered while traveling?  Have you ever had a hotel mistake get you a fun upgrade?  What DO people do in hotel bathrooms?  When was the last time you got an absolutely ridiculous injury, and what was it?

Indulge yourself at Tao – Asian Bistro, Nightclub, Beach

Visiting Tucson?  Check out the J.W. Marriott Star Pass & Resort Spa


2 thoughts on “Road Trip Adventures Pt. 1, Or, Why Drunk People Shouldn’t Wear High Heels

  1. OUCH! WOW! Great post, Andrea! Sorry to hear of your injury and other misadventures but I’m glad most ended up working out ok. Such are the happenings that often become the best stories and funniest memories years later…

  2. Sorry about your foot, I cannot even imagine the pain of having a heel clamp down on my foot…ouch is right! But on the upside you did have quite the adventure and got a new pair of shoes. We have had our share and although this was not a mishap…but when we booked our first cruise we were upgraded to a suite that was a 14 day cruise! DH just returned from his last deployment and that was our belated anniversary gift. Not only that we had the dining room table to ourselves for a lovely 14 day romantic getaway. I won’t write about the one and only time I got sea sick while we were whale watching….lets just say it wasn’t pretty!! lol

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