2 Weeks, 3000 Miles, 3 States, and A Birthday

Alrighty!!  As promised, here’s the explanation of my disappearance for most of the month of June :) I meant to post this earlier, but so many things have happened since we got back (including a lot of wedding planning!), I decided to hit the ground running, and play catch up later!


A few weeks ago, Captain America and I went on an adventure.  In the planning stages, it started out as a simple trip to Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday and honor the ten year mark of his return from his first tour in Iraq (he served in the United States Military for 6 years, mainly as an airplane mechanic for the Air Force).  When he first got back ten years ago, he also celebrated his birthday in Vegas with his mother and grandmother, and we felt like recreating the trip would be a fun way to top off the decade.

After looking up airline ticket prices we discovered that driving to Nevada in his hybrid car would actually be cheaper than paying for two two-way plan tickets – obviously that seemed like a no-brainer!  And since my best friend from middle school lives in the Sacramento area we figured it would be fun and easy to split the 17-hour drive up into two days, and stop over night to visit with her and her husband, and meet her baby girl.

As we continued to plan, Captain America mentioned that the Grand Canyon is not too far a drive from Las Vegas.  He’d stopped there on his earlier trip with his mother and grandmother too – but I’d never been there before.  Since we were going to have a car, of course we decided that we should take the short trip to see it.  I mean, who knows how long it’ll be before we can make another trip out there, and it would be silly not to just pop on over while we were right there. Right?

And as it turns out, he has a couple of friends from the Air Force who are stationed in Arizona whom he hadn’t seen in forever – and since we were going to be in Arizona anyways…

…I think you can see where this is going.

Our weekend jaunt to Vegas turned into a two week road trip across three states (well, four, technically, if you count the fact that we had to drive through half of Oregon to get to California), with overnights in 5 different cities, and gas/pee stops in at least a dozen more.  It was the first road trip I’ve ever experienced and the longest vacation I’ve ever been on – indeed, it was the longest I’ve even been out of my own home state!  And it was FUN!

Normally I am not much of a traveler – but you probably could have figured that out when I said I’m a 25-year old woman who’d never left her home state for longer than a week.  I like arriving at destinations and vacationing, but boy do I HATE the process of getting there.  Captain America had the fun task of experiencing this first hand as he watched me attempt to pack everything while having a minor (okay, okay, major) panic attack.  I’m surprised I didn’t hyperventilate and pass out as I attempted to squish everything into my suitcase!  But once we got on the road I was ready for an adventure, and I wasn’t disappointed!

In fact, every day was a new adventure – and not all of them were pleasant!  For the most part though, we had an absolutely wonderful time, and we created memories that I will always cherish.  In fact, by this time next  year, even the unpleasant memories will be something to look back and laugh upon.

I’ve often said that a road trip is the ultimate test of a relationship – how long can you really handle being stuck in a car with someone before you consider pushing them out the door while it’s still moving?  And if you get lost…psh, forget it! Good luck avoiding World War III.  But instead of biting each other’s heads off at every turn, the two of us managed to work well together and arrived home a stronger and more cooperative unit than when we left.  I don’t think you can ask for much more than that!  Today I’m looking forward to marrying him even more than I was from the start.


Captain American and I outside of The Mirage

Of course, just one blog post is not nearly enough space to recount all of our adventures – so stay tuned for another installment tomorrow, in which I’ll let you in on some of the highlights!  Including the story of how I nearly broke my foot, and why you should always flush a sock down the toilet the first night you get to a nice hotel.  (Okay, I don’t really suggest doing that, but seriously, you won’t hear me complaining about free upgrades!)

When is the last time you went on vacation?  Where did you go?  What were the best and worst parts?  When was your last road trip?   Where did you go?  What’s the best advice you can give to people hoping to survive a long car ride with loved ones?


2 thoughts on “2 Weeks, 3000 Miles, 3 States, and A Birthday

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! The only road trip I have been on, my mother and I learned that my father didn’t know his right from his left. We spent most of the time lost and pretty ill-tempered. I wander how Mrs. G. would be on a road trip…

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