25 Movies (And a Show) for The Month of July

The 4th of July is just a few days away, which means a long weekend for us in the United States.  But spending hot days in the sun, hours on the water at the lake, setting off fireworks at night, and of course, lots of barbecuing can definitely wear you (and your family) out!  So in honor of the holiday, the long weekend, and just for the sheer fact that it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, I’m breaking out the DVDs and compiling a list of 25 great movies (and a television show) that you and yours can curl up to after coming home from your many outdoor adventures!

As usual, there may be a few movies from previous lists that make a repeat appearance, but for the most part I’ve tried to keep the list as fresh as possible.

25 Movies for July

1.  The American President
2.  To Kill A Mockingbird
3.  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
4.  Independence Day
5.  Apollo 13
6.  October Sky
7.  Top Gun
8.  Forrest Gump
9.  Saving Private Ryan
10.  Rocky
11.  Space Cowboys
12.  Hatfields & McCoys
13.  Jaws
14.  12 Angry Men
15.  A League of Their Own
16. The Natural
17.  The Rookie
18.  Dick
19.  The Sandlot
20.  Now and Then
21.  This is America, Charlie Brown
22.  National Treasure
23.  Rookie of the Year
24.  Stand By Me
25.  1776
26.  The West Wing
(One of the best television shows ever made, if you’ve never seen it, now’s the perfect time to catch up!  What are you waiting for??)

I have a feeling I’m missing a few key films, but I just cant justify recommending a movie I’ve never seen!

What would you put on your must-see list for the month of July?  How about you folks from countries other than the U.S. – what are you guys watching this month?


2 thoughts on “25 Movies (And a Show) for The Month of July

    • Me too! I remember even though I was pretty young when it first came out, I never had any trouble sitting through the whole thing. It’s long, but it’s so captivating!

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