It’s Good to Be Back

Okay, Okay, I know – I have a LOT of catching up to to do.  Not just new posts to write, but also comments to respond to, and a ton of fellow bloggers’ writing to read.  I may only be just beginning the process of rejoining the blogging world, but to prove to you all that I haven’t totally neglected the site, I decided to do a quick update today instead of doing a Sunday Songbird, to get the ball rolling!

I recently discovered this commercial while watching Betty White’s Off Their Rockers with Captain America OnDemand. They played it roughly a billion times but I didn’t get sick of it, which is what normally happens when you see a commercial more than about three times in the span of a half an hour television show.  In fact, every time it came on I got sucked into it, sitting back down on the couch to watch it instead of getting up to go do whatever it was I had planned to accomplish during the commercial breaks.  And if you think about it, that’s the entire purpose of a well-made advertisement, so kudos to you, Allstate!

In fact, much like several commercials from the Super Bowl, I may have even shed a tear (or two).  At the end of the day, it felt less like a commercial for insurance, and felt more like a positive reminder about why we’re here.  Sometimes that’s pretty easy to forget, and regardless of where it comes from, a positive reminder is just that – positive – and I’ve found they can change your perception in an instant if you’re open to them.  It’s nice to see company’s taking a more responsible turn in their advertising instead of just pitching us junk, or worse yet, pitching the idea that in order to live for the good, you need to have the right goods.  So of course I had to share it with you!  I hope you enjoy :)

(No matter what I do, I can’t get this darned video to center itself! Grr!)

How do you live for the good in your every day life?


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