An Ode to Being Pampered

Last Friday I got my first pedicure…and it was amazing…

Normally I’m not a big “girly” girl.  Okay, so I am in certain situations – if I see a spider I’ll holler until Captain America comes and takes care of it, for example.  But as far as my “upkeep” goes, I’m pretty easy going.  I haven’t gotten my hair cut in about two years, for instance, except for my bangs, which I take care of myself.  I’ve never had a facial at a spa, just little at-home masks that I use when I remember (which is rarely, though I do wash my face every day).  Waxing sounds like the most ridiculously painful thing I’ve ever heard of, and the only time I’ve gotten a massage was after I was in a car accident and the insurance paid for it.

One thing I do indulge in from time to time, however, is getting my nails done.  This practice mostly came about because I’m a terrible nail biter, and acrylics are nearly impossible to bite.  Not only that, but they look a heck of a lot better than my chewed on fingers, so when special occasions come around and I want to look nice I’ll head to the salon for some french tips.  They’re really more expensive than I ever feel like spending on a vanity though, so this usually only happens about once or twice a year.

Yesterday turned out to be one of them, since Captain America and I are getting our engagement photos done this week and I wanted my hands to look like they deserved to wear such a beautiful ring!  We’re also getting ready to celebrate his birthday in style (I’ll tell you what our plans are when we’ve accomplished them!), so he encouraged me to go get pampered and “have people tell you you’re pretty, because that’s what girls do.”

So I did, and it was awesome.  And like I said, I even went a step further and got my toes to match!


And now instead of thinking all of that pampering stuff is just over-the-top spoiled ridiculousness…I am a convert. Maybe it is a lot of money to spend on yourself, when it could go towards so many more “useful” things, but then again, I think most people have a problem of rushing on with their lives and not spending any time on themselves at all.

I ask you, is it really useless and ridiculous to spend an hour every couple of weeks feeling good?

Just think about how much happier everyone would be, and by extension, how much better of a place the world would be, if people actually gave themselves permission to enjoy themselves once in a while – to sit, relax, and de-stress. Instead of viewing this concept as a luxury, we should be viewing it as a necessity!  And not just once or twice a year when we’re on vacation, either.

It doesn’t always have to cost you a ton of money – live in a sunny location?  How about reading a book outside during your lunch break.  Love soaking in the tub but never have time for more than a shower?  Have your significant other watch a movie with the kids, and you steal the bubble bath this time!  An early riser?  Make a pot of coffee or put on the tea kettle, pull out the daily crossword, and enjoy the quiet  before everyone else gets up. Just make sure it’s something you do for you – and don’t feel guilty about it!

Personally, I’m kind of a fan of this whole pedicure thing…and I think it’s definitely something I’m going to add to my semi-regular schedule.

What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?  How often do you take time out of your life just to do something that makes you feel good?  When was the last time?  What did you do?


3 thoughts on “An Ode to Being Pampered

  1. Ok I have to tell you something. When I turned 40 a good friend bought me my very first pedicure and I loved the way it looked. Here’s the bad news though: before that time I never had any calluses on my feet! I went for a second pedicure and again the calluses came back. I haven’t been back since but the calluses stayed. :(

  2. My mother was totally not a girlie girl – no make up, seldom had her hair done, never wore nice clothes…. When she got old enough for me to need to take care of her, she started getting pedicures. Her feet were a mess – tons of callouses. She loved pedicures, and bagan to remind ME when she needed another one! Glad you pampered yourself. Congratulations on your engagement, too. Your sweetie pie sounds like he really cares enough to encourage you to be pampered! :)

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