Like Finding A Needle in A Haystack

A while ago, I was prompted to write on the subject of the meaning behind the lady bug totem, after finding a lady bug in a seriously unexpected place.  (For those of you who are too lazy to go back and read the entire post – it was in my fish tank).

Anyways, at the time, I thought a fish tank was a pretty ridiculous place to find a lady bug, since it was in the middle of my kitchen, and totally closed.

However, on last month’s mini-vacation with Captain America, I found a lady bug in an even crazier place – which once again goes to show that sometimes things are just a little too “coincidental” not to be a sign…wouldn’t you agree?

This time, she was on the beach!
In the exact spot we decided to build our sandcastle.  So chosen because it was the only spot on the sand that was sheltered from both wind and wave by a large piece of driftwood (as anyone who’s been to the Oregon Coast can tell you, it’s definitely a coast and not a beach!) – really, I can only assume that’s why our little friend decided to meet us there.

But besides it’s similar desire to hide away from the cold and wet, I can’t quite figure why it would have been there, on the coast, in the sand, away from plants and grass and all the normal lady bug things (at least my house has rosebushes in the yard!!) – if not to be a sign for those of us who are believers in that sort of thing!

Here are a few additional facts about the Lady Bug Totem that I left out of the last post:

The Ladybug’s black and red “armor” signifies that it knows how to defend itself, and is a symbol to others to own, honor, and protect their personal truths.  At the same time, the Ladybug is never the aggressor, but can defend itself when necessary – setting a good example for those with this totem.  Ladybugs represent the elements of fire and sun, which stands for rebirth and renewal – often the Ladybug totem appears to people who have recently undergone a transformative process in their lives in which they let go of previous negativity in order to embrace the positive and new.  In France, it is even believed that if a Ladybug lands on you before flying away, it will carry any sickness or ill-will along with it when it leaves.  In fact, the Ladybug is the European equivalent of the anciently revered Egyptian Scarab!

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One thought on “Like Finding A Needle in A Haystack

  1. Good to know. I love ladybugs and always feel honoured when they land on me and stay a bit before they again fly off. I was never sure why but perhaps this post fills in the blanks for me!

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