Note to Self: Write A Real Blog Post

Well hi there!  Didja forget about me?  I promise I haven’t forgotten about you ;)

Holy cannoli, folks!  Now that was an unintended and unexpectedly long hiatus if there ever was one!  I hope you’ll forgive me – you see, life just kinda got in the way (as it so often does).

Firstly, Captain America and I went to the beach for a couple of days while he was on spring break.  Then his parent’s went out of town so we went and visited their river house to make sure the flowers got watered during an unexpectedly early heat wave. This was followed up by a new gym membership, and shopping for clothes for said gym, and going to the gym for the very first time and exercising

And as busy and fun filled as those few weeks were – they were just regular every day life type of busy!

But on top of all of that, a most wonderful and life changing thing happened…

I got engaged!

(Just call me Mrs. Captain America).

Yep – he popped the question!  And of course I said yes.  What’s more, we’ve shirked this new crazy year-long bridezilla-creating engagement idea, and have opted instead to plan our entire wedding in four months.

So instead of turning this into a wedding blog…I’ve spent all my time furiously scribbling in this thing:

Wedding planner

as I e-mail DJ’s and cake makers, and create a wedding website for out of town guests.

Oh yeah, and try to organize two households and FIVE animals since we’ll be blending them in just a few months.  (In addition to my two cats, Baseball and Zooey, Captain America has two cats [Ben and Dan] and a dog [a chihuahua mix named Doug]).  It’ll be an adventure, that’s for sure!

So, yes, I guess you could say lately, real life > blogging, even though writing hasn’t been far from my mind.  I’ve started, and left un-finished, several posts in the last few weeks, and I really do plan on getting them posted one of these days!

Just bear with me if it happens to take a while longer…I have engagement photos to pose for and save the dates to create.  Did I mention I still have to find a dress?  AH!

Any advice for a wedding planner?


10 thoughts on “Note to Self: Write A Real Blog Post

  1. Congratulations. Sounds like you had a good time. You don’t want my wedding planning advice. I would say skip the big wedding elope. Go on a trip and get married somewhere nice without worrying about other people. Oops, I gave it anyway.

  2. Congrats on all the awesomeness happening in your life! MUY nice! No advice here on wedding planning, just try not to stress out too much about the day and just enjoy the celebration and the life to come. Nobody is gonna notice if the napkins match the tablecloths. :)

  3. Congratulations!!!!

    My advice (I also planned my entire wedding myself and made all decor!): PINTEREST PINTEREST PINTEREST!!! If you are crafty, pinterest is the GO TO place for all ideas!

    If you need any special ideas or items, I have an Etsy shop and my business partner and I LOVE to create wedding decor! :)

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