What I’m Watching: The Final Tally – Fall 2013

A while back, I made the decision to try out all of the new primetime shows that premiered this fall and report back to you all on what I thought of them!  Whew, this turned into a bigger challenge than I expected – mostly because once I start something, such as a book, movie, or television show, I have an extremely hard time quitting it before the end, even if I don’t like it.  And unfortunately, I found that I didn’t like a lot of the shows that made their debut this Fall 2012/2013 season.  Even a few of the shows that I liked at first didn’t manage to hold my attention for the long run – which is why it has taken me so long to tally them all up.

So, here’s a quick round up of all of the new primetime shows that premiered this fall (except Chicago Fire, Last Resort, and Nashville [I have an irrational and very strong dislike of Hayden Panitierre] which I skipped all together…sorry folks :P).  As I said, in general, I was rather disappointed with this season’s turn out, and judging by the number of shows that were cancelled, I wasn’t the only one!  But, despite my near-inability to stop something before it’s over (I just want to know what’s going to happen!!), there were actually a good number I quit watching.  In the end, though, there are still a handful of shows left that I enjoyed and that I hope to see return for a second season.

What I'm Watcing Buncee

The Good

The Neighbors: 3 1/2 stars – A refreshing and heart-warming comedy, it’s a great show for the whole family.  Even though it’s seen middling ratings, I have a feeling our favorite new neighbors will be back next year.  (See my original review here).

The New Normal: 3 1/2 stars –  This is quite possibly one of my favorite comedies on television at the moment! Unfortunately, it’s been hanging around the middle of the ratings, so it’s still unsure if we’ll be seeing it renewed for a second season. (See my original review here).

Vegas:  3 1/2 stars –  Originally I planned on continuing to watch this show, but then I got behind…and totally forgot about it!  I think if I had given it a bit more attention, I would still be enjoying it – however, it seems that I’m not the only one who failed to keep up with Vegas, and it’s cancellation is currently being predicted after this season wraps up.   (See my original review here).

Elementary: 3 stars –  I definitely plan on keeping up with this show, it’s an interesting take on a classic, and a refreshing take on the standard crime drama.  I’m happy to say many others agree, and CBS has already renewed it for a second season. (See my original review here).

Go On: 3 1/2 stars – I wavered a little bit at the beginning of this show, but it grew steadily on me.  By the last few episodes, I was hooked, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll actually see a second season of a Matthew Perry show! (See my original review here).

Malibu Country: 2 1/2 stars – Okay, so I didn’t actually get around to “originally” reviewing this show, but as a huge fan of the show Reba, I’m just excited to see her on television again – among others!  Also starring Lily Tomlin, the cast really shines in this show.  It hasn’t gotten the best ratings however, so it’s possible that we won’t be getting another season.

The Bad

Revolution: Quit watching – This show is doing much better than I though it would in the ratings, honestly. They raise a lot of questions – unfortunately, I just don’t care enough about the characters or the plot to find out the answers.  I’m just about the only one who feels this way, though, apparently, as its renewal is predicted for another season.  (See my original review here).

The Mindy Project: Quit watching – I honestly forget this show is even on anymore, which is sad, because I want to like it.  It gets the occasional laugh, but there’s just not a whole lot of content.  I wish there was a bit more substance to it. However, it’s doing quite well in the ratings and has already been renewed for a second season.  (See my original review here).

Guys With Kids: Quit watching – In the end, this show tried too hard for the laughs and it never grew on me. But the fact that it’s cancellation is currently predicted seems to indicate that I’m not the only one, and it just doesn’t strike much of a cord (good or bad) with viewers in general. (See my original review here).

The Ugly

Made In Jersey: Cancelled – (See my original review here).

Animal Practice: Cancelled – (See my original review here).

Ben and Kate: Cancelled – (See my original review here).

Partners: Cancelled – (See my original review here).

The Mob Doctor: Quit Watching – Cancelled – (See my original review here).

Emily Owens, M.D.: Cancelled – (See my original review here).

666 Park Avenue: Cancelled – (Cancelled before I even got a chance to review it!).

*   *   *

Alrighty, that just about wraps it up, I think!  And after that challenge, I think I’ve learned my lesson – this is definitely the last time I try to take on them ALL.  But I still have a lot of shows on my list – so keep posted for more of What I’m Watching, coming soon!

Did you catch any of the shows on the list?  What do you think?  Which is your favorite?  Are you disappointed in any of the cancellations/predicted cancellations?


One thought on “What I’m Watching: The Final Tally – Fall 2013

  1. The only ones we have in common are Elementary and Go On. I really do enjoy the former, and am still enjoying the latter, although I’ve been iffy on it at times, too.

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