Sunday Songbird

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, all!

In honor of the holiday, I decided today would be a great day to focus on one of the very few musical artists from Ireland to gain popularity in the states – Van Morrison!  I hope you enjoy :)


“Turn up your radio and let me hear the song,
Switch on your electric light,
Then we can get down to what is really wrong,
I long just to hold you tight,
So I can feel you,
Sweet lady of the night,
I shall reveal you…”
Caravan – Van Morrison

“You can’t stop us on the road to freedom, 
You can’t keep us ’cause our eyes can see, 
Men with insight, men in granite, 
Knights in armor bent on chivalry, 
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey, 
She’s an angel of the first degree, 
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey, 
Just like honey from the bee…”
Tupelo Honey – Van Morrison


4 thoughts on “Sunday Songbird

  1. Andrea, thanks for a great post about Van Morrison. I was a bit taken aback, as one who is Irish and living in Ireland, to read about the very very musical artists from here who have made it big in the US. I can’t but think of Liam Clancy, U2, Sinead O’Connor …. or am I dreaming?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)

      I’m afraid that my young age is showing in this post a little!!…I’ve heard Liam Clancy/The Clancy Brothers – only I didn’t know it until I googled the names just now :P And I was a bit too young to really remember when Sinead O’Connor made it big in the states.

      Perhaps I should have worded it a bit differently though, because of course there have been some great music to come across to the states from Ireland! U2 will always be well known in my house ;), as will Snow Patrol, and they have some Northern Irish roots as well. I guess I was just thinking in terms of musical “movements” – people so often talk about the British Invasion, and are less likely to recall some of the other great musical talents from the rest of Europe!

      Thanks for the great comment, I love talking music :)

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